All roads lead to LEEDS!!

All Roads Lead to Leeds...

So…the cat is out the bag, secrets out and we’re officially bringing the Drummers Only experience down to Yorkshire. Welcome, to Drummers Only Leeds!! Cue the train rumble…

We pride ourselves on the element of surprise, you just never really know what we’ll do next. Opening a second shop was something we knew no one would see coming, but we feel it would be a welcome one! For 13 years we’ve had our humble HQ in the heart of Glasgow City Centre. You learn a LOT in that time with many faces coming and going and so many beautiful kits in and out the door…ironically most going to England! It made sense for us to bite the bullet and officially cross the border to cast our anchor at the natural midway point…LEEDS!!

The new shop is located at Unit 1, Springwell Point on Springwell Road just outside Leeds city centre and right next door to a fitness/wellbeing store (all aboard the gain-train, anyone?) It’s certainly a smaller space than Commerce Street, but it’s not the size…it’s how you use it. As you can see it’s PACKED full of shiny new drums. DO Leeds has all the cool stuff, it’s definitely the spoiled second child of the family. It’s got the new Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak kits, the polarizing new logo Sabian AAX cymbals, some gorgeous Tama SLP Big Black Steel kits and a whole host of Natal kits to wet your whistle. With a shiny new shop comes with it…a shiny new manager…

Meet the store manager of DO Leeds…JAKE BROOKSBANK. He’s the Ying to our Yang, the Magnet to our Steel, the Robin to our Batman, the Hermione Granger to our Ron Weasley. One of the most humble and knowledgeable gents I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and it’s just some of the many reasons he was the perfect fit for our ever-expanding DO family. He brings so much energy to the table that truly is infectious. You’ll get to know him once you visit the store a few times, and you’ll get a grip of his personality more and more over the coming years.

DO Leeds has been in the planning stage for well over a year, it’s really exciting to see that one shop has finally become two. We won’t lie, it’s scary…in a good way. We’re sailing uncharted waters, but fortunately we have a GREAT crew aboard the ship. Do yourselves a favour if you’re a local, on tour or just fancy a day trip and visit the new store in Leeds. It’s pretty righteous…

Drummers Only Leeds is located at:
Unit 1, Springwell Point
Springwell Rd, Leeds,
LS12 1AF

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