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We can now arrange to sell your drum gear on a commission basis.  Send us details of the goods you’d like us to sell for you using the form below.

Why sell your pre-owned gear with us?

  1. Drummers Only is one of the biggest drum retailers in the UK.  We sell a huge amout of pre-owned gear every year through both our bricks and mortar Glasgow store and online through our website.  We send out a weekly ‘Pre-Owned Email’ to a list of several thousand people who have specifically signed up to be kept up-to-date with our pre-owned gear.  Most items are sold within a couple of weeks of going live on the site.
  2. We’re also well setup to pack and send your drum gear throughout the UK and beyond.  Drum kits are not the easiest things to send by courier but we’re packing and sending out kits and other drum gear every day.  Rather than setting your kit as being ‘collection only’ – massively limiting your potential audience – we can market it to the whole of the UK and beyond.
  3. You’ll never have to deal with massive amount of spammers, crooks or time-wasters on Facebook Marketplace!

Full terms & conditions for our commission sales service can be viewed HERE.

*Please note – large images can sometimes take a while to upload. Please keep images under 1MB if possible
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Let us know how you'd be planning to get your commission sale item(s) to us. You can bring them to our Glasgow store or you can send them to us using your own courier.

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General Terms:

  • The seller must leave the item(s) at Drummers Only for a minimum period of 3 weeks to give us a chance to sell the item(s) either in-store or online.
  • The seller must agree that the item(s) they have provided for sale will not be listed for sale on any other online or offline marketplace whilst the item(s) are on sale through Drummers Only.
  • Drummers Only will take a commission of 25% of the total price of the sale (less any courier costs – see ‘distance selling’ below).
  • Drummers Only agree to sell the item(s) for the agreed upon price unless consent to sell for a different price is given verbally or otherwise by the seller. If the item does not sell there will be no charge to the seller.
  • Drummers Only may wish to review the price of the goods after 4 weeks if the item has still not sold. Drummers Only will generally recommend a reduction in price – if this is not agreed upon by the seller the goods will be removed from sale and they should be collected by the seller within 7 days.
  • The seller agrees to allow a 14 day return period after sale, whereby the purchaser has the right to return item for refund. This is required under Distance Selling Regulations.
  • Drummers Only will pay the seller the stated amount (less their commission & courier costs) no sooner than 3 calendar days after the item has cleared the 14 day return period.
  • Payment to seller will be by BACS. Drummers Only will notify the seller within 7 days of their item being sold.
  • It is the sellers responsibility to notify Drummers Only of any change in their contact information.


  • This Agreement shall remain in force until either party decides to terminate following the 3 week minimum term. The seller can terminate the agreement verbally or in writing via email – or by coming in and removing the item(s) from the store or making arrangements to do so.
  • Should Drummers Only agree to purchase the items directly for an agreed price there is always a 48 hour ‘cooling off’ period whereby either party can terminate the agreement within this period.  The customer can request to cancel the sale to Drummers Only, return any payment and collect the goods from the store and Drummers Only can choose to cancel the agreement to purchase and return the goods to the customer.
  • Drummers Only may terminate with notice being sent to the seller via email.
  • The seller should then remove the item(s) from the store within 7 days of either party having given notice to terminate the Agreement. Should the seller fail to remove the goods Drummers Only reserves the right to dispose of it and retain all proceeds.

Distance Selling:

  • Drummers Only will generally ensure that the sellers item(s) are listed on our website as soon as we can create suitable content and photographs. They will always try to list items as soon as possible.
  • Should the item(s) sell online or over the phone then Drummers Only will be responsible for packing the item(s) and sending them to the customer via courier.  The seller may be required to contribute towards the courier costs for sending the item to the customer.  Any courier costs would be stated and agreed with the seller in advance of the item(s) being accepted for sale. This will be deducted from any payment Drummers Only make to the seller.


  • Drummers Only will be responsible for the item(s) whilst these are being kept in the store. Drummers Only will be responsible for the replacement of goods due to loss, theft, fire or any major damage caused by Drummers Only to the sellers item(s). Drummers Only agree to take all reasonable measures to ensure the sellers items are protected from wear and tear.
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