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Competition: WIN A Dixon Cornerstone Blue Titanium Snare Drum!


This Dixon Cornerstone Steel Snare is a drum with an explosive tone that is backed by exceptional cut and underlying warmth.

The 1mm steel shell, while highly durable, provides this snare with a powerful resonance. This in addition to its triple-flanged steel hoops give this snare drum a warmer, rounder sound character.

Steel shells stand out due to their incredibly bright tone, long sustain and powerful rimshot sounds. They are also more responsive than most wood shell snare drums, making them incredibly responsive to ghost notes and dynamic playing. If you’re looking for a snare drum that will cut through loud music or stand its ground on a busy stage – Dixon’s Cornerstone Steel Snare is for you!

Steel snare drums are a popular choice for just about anything that requires a solid, bright, and cutting back beat. This snare would sound as in place in a dub/ reggae group as it would a metal act. A Hammered shell helps provide a subtle warmth and a more controlled sustain/ resonance.

To add to this sonic versatility, Dixon’s Cornerstone Steel Snares are fitted with an exclusive to Dixon Flip-Drop style throw-off system, allowing for easy & instant dropping of the snare wires, opening up your playing to mid-performance changes that lets you get the most out of your snare, and in turn, your playing.

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23 Replies to “Competition: WIN A Dixon Cornerstone Blue Titanium Snare Drum!”

  1. James McGarrick

    Looks great, sound great …end of!!

  2. Dimitrios Toptsidis

    I hope to be Lucky enough to win this snare
    at 19 was my birthday

  3. Bartosz Gąsienica Daniel

    Sounds great and looks great! I dream of such a snare drum.

  4. David Wilson

    Gimme Gimme

  5. Mike Shaw

    Sounds Great & Gregg Bissonette (Endorser with Dixon Drums ) demo of this great sounding Snare drum was spot on. Definitely looking forward to checking this Snare drum out. Thanks Dixon Drum

  6. Yegor


  7. Lionel Le sergent

    Très belle caisse claire à la couleur bleue du ciel !

  8. annidrums

    What a coincidence!!! This always was my dream snare drum

  9. Dave Williams

    Nice! Even nicer if I win it!!

  10. Jay

    WOW! Amazing Snare Even More Amazing If I won It XD

  11. brad sims

    fingers crossed!

  12. Swampy

    Great looking & sounding snare drum, whoever takes this away is a lucky chap-or gal !

  13. Richard Craig

    great sound!

  14. Martin

    Versatility! Playability! Apealability! I’ve been playing for over 50 years and this truly looks the business! A welcome addition to an ‘Old Git’s’ kit!

  15. Robert Nash

    This snare has the Wow factor . . . . . . . must have!

  16. Jonathan

    My whole kit needs replacing, but a new Snare would be brilliant.
    Heard a lot of good things about these drums.

  17. Ken Black

    Good snares played them afew times Good snares

  18. Richard Parker

    Drums are musical instruments..this looks and sounds the part. It would be very nice if I could own one.

  19. Martin S Jarvis

    Sounds, looks and plays absolutely awesome, what more could one ask for.

  20. Rory MacLeod

    Thank you for my fabulous prize!

    Further, I thought my donations to your “night oot” charidee were the least I could do….


    It s a raffle?!

    Ok… I get it!!

  21. Terry Whitworth

    At the lower end it sounds blusey. At the top end it snaps,crackles and pops! I could eat it for breakfast!

  22. Ed Glover

    I can’t afford a lovely sounding snare drum like the one in competition…. It would be played cherished, given the chance to own one… I hope whoever wins it, cherishes and appreciates it as much as I would.

  23. Jonathan sparkes

    Firstly it’s great that Drummers only are doing a competition like this. Secondly this snare would go great with my Tama starclassic birch babinga kit. Hope I win .

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