Order Of The PHX! – Yamaha PHX

Look at that eh, absolutely beautiful! Sometimes I wonder round the shop and just admire the simply stunning kits we have in stock. None have quite taken my breath away quite like the Yamaha PHX kit. This kit is a serious work of art both in construction and sound qualities. Here’s everything you need to know…

The PHX (pronounced “phoenix”) series by Yamaha is based upon 40 years of knowledge, history, experience and technology mixed together to create a truly exceptional sound that expertly defines Yamaha. These kits are hand crafted by expert technicians right in the heart of Japan. The shells are an 11-ply hybrid, which the wood material used getting progressively harder from the center ply to the outer plys. Jatoba (a very hard wood) makes up the center ply creating the fundamental tone of the drum. The Jatoba then puts on a Kapur jumper (Kajumpur??) with plys added on either side, Kapur adding warmth to the tone of the shell. Finally The inner and outer plies are maple, with the exception of drums using the optional burled ash outer ply which use an outer half-ply each of maple and burled ash. Maple as you all know adds some high/mid level frequencies making the PHX shells extremely well rounded.

In regards to the Bearing Edges, all the drums have a 30-degree bearing each. However, each shell type has a different profile. The bass drum has a sharper edge cut towards the outer plies giving it more attack and a shortened decay. The Floor tom have slightly rounded edges allowing them to be articulate regardless of how hard or soft they are hit. Rack tom bearing edges have even further rounded edges to aid warmth and sustain. Think of this like each shell having its own “perfect pitch”, allowing them to sing right in the sweet spot everytime.

Hardware on the PHX is the redesigned versions of the Nouveau lug, which uses a square hook as opposed to a round post allowing the tension rod to be perfectly aligned and eliminates the need of using two hands while tuning. These drums come with rigid diecast hoops (made popular in Yamaha’s Absolute series) as their light-weight characteristics allow the a warm, open sound. These hoops are also available in chrome or gold. The PHX also comes with the newest version of the YESS mounting system, which supports the drum at the top AND bottom. Here’s how it works: The new version mounts the tom bracket onto a piece of the shell, and that wooden plate is isolated or shock-mounted using rubber grommets. A 3-piece fastening system is used to attach the YESS mount to the shell, and the inside and outside fasteners do not touch. This allows for complete isolation and allows the full shell tone to project and sustain.

This 3-piece configuration we have in comes with a 12x8in rack tom, 14x13in floor tom and an 18x14in bass drum. Small but MIGHTY would be the best way to describe this PHX kit. Not only is it frighteningly easy to get lost in the eyes of the finish, but its just as easy to get lost in how it sounds which is nothing short of incredible. This kit truly isn’t your one-night fling, it’s a classy affair. The type you’d bring home to meet the parents and settle down with. We only have one of these kits in (this VERY one) so it’s truly special, so why not make it yours?

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