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Pleasant Crescent! – Sabian Crescent Cymbals

LETS TALK CRESCENT…the cymbals of course. Not the moon. Remember that old jaffa cake advert of the school teacher going to town into a box while cleverly demonstrating the characteristics of the moon. “Full moon”, “Half Moon”, “Total Eclipse”. Scarred me for life. For the longest time I thought the moon was made from orange flavoured jelly. Sabian’s new Crescent line are anything but soft nor are they filled with orange jelly but they do sound absolutely DELICIOUS. We’ve got snippets from the three lines available so grab a tea and a biscuit (cake..?) and lets dive in…

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The first stop on the Crescent train is the Stanton Moore Signature Series. Designed for Stanton, these cymbals are raw, aggressive while remaining musical and of course extremely funky. Featured in this line are the Fat Hats, Smash Crash, Trash Crash, Pang Thang and the “you gettin” Wide Ride. The Fat hats, available in 14in and 15in provide a complex dark tone offering plenty of cut at louder volumes while retaining a high level of musicality. Traditionally the tops are lathed with warm tonal grooves, while the bottoms are lathed with distinctive wider ridges, are feature across the full range of Stanton’s line. The Smash Crashes available in 16in and 18in provide bright sounds that always remain clean and controlled. The Wide Ride available in 20in and 22in provides great warmth and plenty of stick definition. It has a clean bow without skimping on wash. It’s versatile, works great for an intimate jazz session or a loud rock/funk session. A common trait with this line is that the cymbals cut very well at higher volume yet remain musical. Moving into effects world, the 20in Pang Thang acts similarly to a china cymbal with flattened-down edges and a deep low end wash. It’s mellow, compared to the 20in Trash crash which has a shortened sustain creating a gnary effect smash.

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Next up is the Element Series. The Element cymbals are unique in the way of offering amazing versatility and warm, rich attack without sacrificing crisp stick definition and articulation. The line consists of the Element Hats, Element Crashes, a China cymbal and the Element Ride cymbals. The 14in Element Hats are a medium top/heavy bottom pairing with fully hand-hammered cymbals. They’re traditionally lathed and then lined over the top. Crips when closed, nice and washy when opened up and work for almost any musical situation. The Element Crashes available in 16in and 18in are distinctive in tone due to their raw bell. These things PROJECT while remaining versatile. The 18in in particular is a stand –out for me. The Element ride available in 20in and 22in also comes in a “distressed” variety, which offers a much dry and very articulate sound with plenty stick definition. The standard Element ride is medium-light in weight making it nice and washy with a powerful raw bell that cuts through any situation. Finally the 22in China remains the most unique cymbal I think ive ever seen. Aside from the fact it’s a 22in china cymbal, it has 24 rivets. In many ways it acts more like a sizzle ride than a china, but it looks incredible and fits in more musical situations than you many think at first glance.

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Finally we have the Hammertone Series designed by jazz veteran Jeff Hamilton. It’s the smallest range available in the Crescent line featuring Hammertone Hats, Hammertone China and a Hammertone Ride. Hammertone cymbals are fully lathed by design allowing them to be very open, as you’d expect from a line developed by a jazz legend. The 14in Hammertone Hi-Hats are a light top with a medium bottom allowing them to have great sizzle and wash than traditional hi-hats. Perfect for jazz or big band set-ups, but can also find their place in other musical styles. The 22in China adds a little bark by keeping fragments of the outer cymbal unlathed. With a smooth bell it’s been nicknamed the “China Ride” cymbal by many as it’s wash isn’t overly dirty but still maintains an element of trash desired by many. The Hammertone Rides available in 20in and 22in are incredible. Featuring an exaggerated bow curve by hand-hammering the cymbal to Mr Hamiltons liking and a special lathing technique which results in tapered edges for a controlled stick sound with a nice spread of warmth, particually when used for crashing.

So there you have it, we have a selection of these cymbals in store so if you want to hear how good they sound in person pop down and we’ll take you through them. Jaffa cakes sold separately.

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