Pearl e/MERGE Hybrid Electronic Drum Kit

Pearl e/MERGE Hybrid Electronic Drum Kit

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  • Get That Pearl Strength Korg Technology All In One Place
  • KORG’s Wave Drum Technology
  • 700 HD Sounds Recorded At Music City Nashville
  • Pearl & Korg Collide Like King Kong & Godzilla

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The Pearl e/MERGE is all about change, and change in the e-drum market has been way overdue. When PEARL looked closely at every aspect of the current e-drumming experience with KORG, together they knew they could make a dramatic difference. And that difference begins with the all new e/MERGE module. Simple yet elegant in design, the e/MERGE MDL-1 module features a full library of hi definition, natural, organic and minimally processed acoustic Pearl drums. They then added the very best electronic, world, orchestral and specialty percussion sounds from KORG’s vast library of pristine quality samples. But the module is only part of the change. Introducing WAVE TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY. This all new technology partially based upon KORG’s now legendary Wave Drum brings a realism, instantaneous response and dynamic range never before imagined possible. The sensitivity provided by WTT is simply amazing. Pearl’s all new PUREtouch Pad System completes the experience. PUREtouch has been painstakingly developed to create a true acoustic-like pad experience. No excessive unnatural bounce and no wrist shaking ultra-hard practice pad like feel, PUREtouch provides the sizes and feel every acoustic drummer has come to expect.

PURETouch PAD SYSTEM The PUREtouch Electronic Pad System walks the finest line between the natural feel of an acoustic drum head and the response of an electric pad. The most common complaints about electronic heads is that they are either too bouncy or too dead. You should never compromise on what matters most and nothing matters more than feel. The patent pending PUREtouch Electronic Pads were constructed by Pearl and KORG engineers with six layers of material that work together to create the most natural feel of any electronic pad available. Combined with the WAVE TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY, for the first time ever, your choice of stick will impact the sound of your electronic kit. Every area of the snare drum head responds like an acoustic drum from the center to the edge. You can also affect the feel by changing the head tension. If your preference is for a tighter feel and tone, simply tighten the head. Two separate rim triggers are perfectly positioned for cross stick and rim shots, and the snare drum’s 14in diameter makes this feel as natural as any acoustic drum. It’s common that a player will have to alter their style when playing electronic drums, but with e/MERGE that compromise is a thing of the past. The natural feel from the pad construction with extreme sensitivity created by the WAVE TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY make the PUREtouch Electronic Pad System the new industry standard.

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Pearl e-MERGE MDL-1 MODULE An e-drum module is the nucleus of any e-kit experience. That’s why they are often referred to as “the brain”. The e/MERGE module offers the player the extreme power and performance needed for the heavy lifting required for WAVE TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY, yet provides a simplicity of design and function that allows you to simply play more, and tweak less. The MDL-1 module features a pair of fast, multicore processors, a full spectrum of Pearl acoustic drum samples and a library filled with world, ethnic, electronic, orchestral and other sounds chosen from KORG’s renowned hi definition sample libraries. The all new acoustic library for the MDL-1 was recorded in one of the world’s most respected recording studios in historic Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee. Both current and vintage instruments in a full variety of sizes were chosen and sampled. You will recognize some familiar tones in the style of several iconic Pearl artists, some specific genres, decades, and historic songs and styles from the past to the present. Customize sets and save your presets to the library, choose from over 35 different onboard effects, record your performances for hours on end, or just lay into it and play! The e/MERGE Module is not about useless bells and whistles. Its about simplicity and performance. With eight assignable outs, two master outs, headphone outs and an auxiliary in, the MDL-1 easily handles all your live performance and recording needs. But one of the most exciting features of the e/MERGE module is the ambience slider. Taken from a mix of the room and overhead mics during the recording process, the ambience slider allows you to instantly add color, natural room reverb and live vibe to any acoustic set. The e/MERGE Module hosts feature upon feature designed to make your playing experience unique. If you love to play drums, this module… this e-drum set is for you.

WAVE TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY You may have heard of KORG’s now legendary Wave Drum. When introduced it was an instrument so ahead of its time that percussionists built performances around it. The Wave Drum allowed your touch, your feel, and the vibrations you created to actually influence the tone and character of the sounds produced. Just like an acoustic instrument. But what if this was refined, new technological advancements were added, and something like this was integrated into an actual e-drum set. This is WAVE TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY. Simply put, WTT allows every nuance of your playing style, and even your choice of stick to infinitely color the sound produced. WTT is fast. As fast as audio. Faster than anything simply trigger based. This speed adds a realism to the playing experience never before available to the e-drummer. WAVE TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY uses parallel processing of your character and your sound and seamlessly layers it with hi definition samples of real Pearl acoustic drums to create an end result that is as much a reflection of you as with any acoustic performance. With WTT, sample layers are smoothed, latency is imperceivable, and sensitivity is on a different dimension from anything that has come before.

Pearl e/MERGE Hybrid Electronic Drum Kit 23

PUREtouch CYMBALS Each e/MERGE kit includes a PUREtouch Electronic Cymbal pack consisting of an 18in three zone Ride (bell, bow and edge), 15” two zone Crash (bow and edge), and 14in two zone Hi-hats (bow and edge). PUREtouch Crash and Ride Cymbals feature a multilayer construction encapsulated in rubber with a playing action similar to that of acoustic cymbals, but with a slightly softer feel for controlled sound volume. PUREtouch cymbals have a patent pending feature, based upon frequency, that blends the edge and bow sounds consistent with where you strike the cymbal. Most electronic cymbals include a choke feature that cuts off the sound when you grab the switch located under the cymbal, but the patent pending natural choke function of PUREtouch Cymbals eliminates the sound and instantaneously triggers the natural sympatric harmonic ring inherent to choking real acoustic cymbals. Truly the most natural sounding electronic cymbals ever.

Pearl ICON E-RACK The foundation of the e/MERGE electronic drum set is a custom designed Icon e-Rack system that offers complete flexibility when positioning your drums and cymbals and securely locks them into place. The beautifully chrome plated rack blends with the chrome tom arms and cymbal holders and is perfect for a small stage, ideal for the worship environment and right at home in an arena. The Icon e-Rack provides room to grow as you expand your kit with additional drums and cymbals.

Pearl e/MERGE Hybrid Electronic Drum Kit 24
Pearl e/MERGE Hybrid Electronic Drum Kit 25

This 5pc e/HYBRID kit configuration (EM-53HB) features an 18in acoustic bass drum with an internal version of the EM-KCB kick pad. Both pad styles feature a red, front mounted LED light that can be controlled through the MDL-1 sound module. EM-53HB Hybrid Set includes the following components:

  • EM-14S: 14in PUREtouch Snare Drum
  • PadEM-10T: 10in PUREtouch Tom Tom
  • PadEM-12T: 12in PUREtouch Tom Tom
  • PadEM-14T: 14in PUREtouch Tom Tom Pad
  • EM-EBP: 18in PUREtouch Bass Drum Pad, Complete
  • EM-14HH: 14in PUREtouch Hi-Hat Cymbal Pad Set
  • EM-15C: 15in PUREtouch Crash Cymbal Pad
  • EM-18R: 18in PUREtouch Ride Cymbal Pad
  • EM-MDL1: Electronic Drum Module
  • DR-80EM: Icon e-Rack System
  • CH-830ES: Cymbal Holder, Short Boom
  • S-830: Snare Stand
  • TH-70E: Tom Holder
  • PCR-50L: Module Clamp

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  • Avatar Graham Johnston ★★★★★ a month ago
    Great service as always. Been buying almost all my gear (new and used) at Drummers Only since 2010. Numerous … More reasons but mainly the service and advice. I've dealt with most of the staff over the years, but mainly the now manager Chris who is a top lad and great asset to the store/company. Whether buying a new kit or a pair of sticks, he always takes time to give advice and support. This time it was a snare head; great advice on both selection and the black art of fitting & tuning. It's sounding sweet, thanks as always for the great service and support. THANKS CHRIS AND ALL AT DRUMMERS ONLY 👍👏👍
  • Avatar Wee Dancer ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    A great bunch of lads. Expert advice and good gear. Worth the trip
  • Avatar Claire Griffiths ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Ordered a Yamaha electronic kit for my son for Christmas. Great service in store, delivered promptly. … More However the snare drum was a bit loose on the frame and the guys not only ordered a new part but delivered it to my home personally. Great guys, great service and great products.
  • Avatar Matty Clarke ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    I'd been after an 18" floor tom for a while.
    Bought a second hand PDP. To be honest it doesn't
    … More even look second hand. Really happy with it especially as it was practically half the price! I'm in the recording studio tomorrow so it'll be being put to good use. Already rehearsed with it and it sounds pukka! Deep and booming. Can't recommend Drummers Only enough. Really happy and as always your goods are shipped prompt with lots of protection.
  • Avatar Damiano D ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Great drum shop has a huge selection and the customer service is decent. The guys in the shop are cool … More although they seem to be a carbon copy of each other. A little diversity in terms of personality wouldn't go a miss.



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Pearl e/MERGE Hybrid Electronic Drum Kit (EM-53HB)

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