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Yamaha FP9500C Single Pedal

These new foot pedal models will provide simple, easy and stable setting with comfortable playability to meet all kinds of

Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 Electronic Percussion Pad

  • Powerful Live Hybrid Tool
  • Has A Whopping 1,277 Voices/Effects
  • 64mb Flash ROM for Custom WAV/AIFF Files
  • Includes Cubase AI 5 DAW Software
IN STOCK £419.00 £349.00

Yamaha DTX532K Electronic Drum Kit

The DTX532K features the DTX-PAD snare, plus real hi-hat and 3-zone cymbal pads that allow true drum playing techniques to
IN STOCK £799.00

Moongel ORIGINAL Damper Pads

BONUS PACK – NOW INCLUDES 6 PADS The world’s most highly acclaimed resonance control device ever designed, is effective, simple
IN STOCK £7.99

Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Kit

The DTX522K features the Yamaha DTX-PAD snare with newly developed tom pads, exclusive 3-zone hi-hat and cymbal pads, plus the

Mapex Mars P600 Single Pedal

Mars Hardware features lightweight yet highly functional stands and simple but sturdy pedals that will serve the needs of gigging
IN STOCK £59.00 £45.00

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 20 5pc Shell Pack – Natural

The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5 piece shell pack is an updated and redesigned edition of this classic drum series.
IN STOCK £599.00

Meinl Byzance Brilliant 20in Medium Ride

Though ‘Brilliant’ refers to its finish, this series actually takes the traditional Byzance and darkens its sound. This darker sound
IN STOCK £362.00 £299.00

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5pc 22 American Fusion Shell Pack – Natural Wood

As with the introduction of Stage Custom in 1995 YAMAHA once again sets the standards of value and sound. The
IN STOCK £599.00

Moongel CLEAR Damper Pads

NEW CLEAR FINISH! BONUS PACK – INCLUDES 6 PADS The world’s most highly acclaimed resonance control device ever designed, is
IN STOCK £7.99

Istanbul Trash Hit 8in

A unique and creative lathing process gives the outer edge its warped and malleable quality. Smaller sizes sound like a
IN STOCK £97.00 £79.00

Sabian AA 10in Mini Holy China – Brilliant

Designed with Chad Smith, all the volume, trash and cut of the Holy China is now available in a China
IN STOCK £123.00 £89.00

Istanbul Trash Hit 18in

Traditional Series cymbals reflect a classic approach and sound. All Traditional are completely lathed on both the top and the
IN STOCK £244.00 £129.00

Pearl CH-1030BS Cymbal Holder – Short Arm

The Pearl CH-1030BS Cymbal Holder features a short boom arm with a high-quality gyro-lock tilter for maximum adjustability of your

Sonor SQ1 14×6.5in Snare – Hot Red

Sonor introduces the SQ1 series, a new dimension in sound. Birch shells in combination with new innovative Sound Sustainer technology

Yamaha EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum System

  • Innovative Acoustic Electronic Drum System
  • Instantly Transform Your Acoustic Kit
  • Great For Practice, Recording & Live Performance
  • Record And Share Performances With Rec'N'Share [...]
IN STOCK £445.00