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Gibraltar SC-STL4 Tom Bracket – Chrome

L-Rod Tom/Floor Tom Mount Chrome Fits 9.5 to 12.7mm L-rods of floor tom legs. Includes mounting hardware and memory lock.
IN STOCK £24.95

Tama HTS58F The Classic Single Tom Stand

Inspired by the vintage cymbal stands of the 1960s, Tama have produced an extremely lightweight and compact Classic Stands series.

Natal Arcadia Double Tom Stand

The Natal Arcadia Double Tom Stand is a great alternative to mounting your stands from your bass drum or cymbal
IN STOCK £69.00

Sonor STS 4000 Single Tom Stand

  • 4000 Series Pro Hardware
  • Rock Solid
  • Easily Adjustable
IN STOCK £102.00

Sonor DTS 4000 Double Tom Stand

  • 4000 Series
  • 2-Segment Tube Clamps
  • Double-Braced Legs
  • Rubber Feet
IN STOCK £128.00

Tama Star HTS108W Single Tom Stand

The HTS108W single tom stand is designed for drummers who like to mount their tom tom on a snare drum

SJC Foundation X Double Tom Stand

  • Tour & Studio Worthy Double Tom Stand
  • 10.5mm l-rod ball joints
  • SJC’s High End Foundation X Series
  • Sleek Design With Amazing Features
IN STOCK £139.00

Yamaha WS865A Double Tom Stand

Space saving, weight saving, time saving; the WS-865A double tom holder from Yamaha is a stable way to easily position
IN STOCK £144.00

Sonor CTS 4000 Cymbal/Tom Stand

  • 4000 Pro Hardware
  • Space Saving Solution
  • Uber-sturdy
  • Sonor Quality
IN STOCK £145.00

Tama HTW839W Roadpro Double Tom Stand

The TAMA RoadPro HTW839W double tom stand puts two toms right where you want them! Using their amazing Stilt system,
CONTACT US £166.00

DW 9000 Series Double Tom Stand

Your drum mounting hardware has to do two things really well, hold up your drums and put them exactly where

DW 9399 Heavy Duty Tom/Snare Stand

It is more common than ever to see a rack tom mounted in a standard snare basket.  The idea has

Sonor DTS 675MC Double Tom Stand

600 Series Hardware: The pinnacle of SONOR hardware. Offering maximum reliability and optimum handling with lots of individual components. Professional down

DW 9000 Series Tom/Cymbal Stand With 934 Cymbal Arm

DW 9000 series double tom stand complete with additional 934 cymbal arm Heavy-duty steel tubing Double-braced legs Toothless tilters Threaded

Sonor CTS 679 MC Cymbal/Tom Stand

The Sonor Cymbal/Tom Stand CTS679 is a professional stand for cymbal & toms. Part of the 600 series it comes
IN STOCK £240.00

DW 9000 Series AIRLIFT Double Tom Stand

For quick and effortless positoning, look no further than the DW 9000 Air Lift series. This DWCP9900AL Double Tom Stand