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Evans EQ4 Calftone 20in Bass Drum Head

Evans™ Calftone drumheads are a synthetic alternative to traditional calfskin. They embody the look and sound of a natural skin

Evans 20in EQ3 Resonant Black Bass Head

  • 5" Microphone Port
  • Warm Punchy Sound
  • Internal Overtone Control Ring
  • Popular Choice for Players & Engineers
IN STOCK £42.50

Evans EQ4 Calftone 22in Bass Drum Head

Evans EQ4 ’56 Calftone Drum Heads look, sound, and feel like natural calfskin, but they’ve got the modern benefits of
IN STOCK £43.00

Evans EQ3 22in Black Resonant Bass Drum Head

A 7mil resonant head with an offset 5″ microphone port and an internal overtone control ring, the EQ3 delivers a
IN STOCK £45.50

Evans EQ3 22in Black Reso Bass Drum Head – No Port

Evans EQ3 resonant no-port series features a single ply of 10mil film with a 10mil internal overtone control ring. The
IN STOCK £46.80

Evans UV EQ4 22in Bass Drum Head

The Evans EQ4 UV 22in Coated Bass Drum Head is a versatile bass drum head from Evans, featuring a high
IN STOCK £47.00

Evans EQ3 22in Clear Bass Drum Batter Head

Controlled low-end rumble and a focused attack characterize the EQ3 bass head. Two plies of 6.5mil film with an internal
IN STOCK £51.50