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Stagg DSH Drumstick Holder

Drumstick-Holder – Clamps on to your cymbal or hi-hat stand
IN STOCK £6.99

Gibraltar Mic Shock Mount

Prevents vibration transfer to microphone. Fits standard mic holders (3/8″ female to 5/8″ male) and boom arms.
IN STOCK £8.50

Gibraltar SC-DMM Deluxe Mic Mount

The SC-DMM is a nylon clamp with mount that is great for stationary microphone mounting on drum hardware.

Tama Rhythm Watch Holder

This chrome plated Tama RWH10 Rhythm Watch Holder clamps securely onto a cymbal stand to hold either your RW200 or

Stagg DSHB10 Drumstick Holder

Drum stick/beater bag holder with fast clip system High strength fast clip system with rubber pads Durable polyester basket Load
IN STOCK £14.95

Stagg MUS-A4 BK Music Stand

Collapsible tubular music stand with bag. 3 section Height range: 55 to 125cm/21.6 to 49.2in Weight: 1.4Kg / 3lb Dimensions
IN STOCK £19.95

Zildjian Water Bottle

The Zildjian water bottle is molded from BPA/bps-free Tritan polyester, making it extremely resistant to cracking and breakage. It has

Vater Stick Holder – Single Pair

Vater’s Stick Holders feature a unique clamp-style fastening system and is adjusted by an easy to turn knob. Depots on
IN STOCK £20.95

Gibraltar Stick Holder

3-1/2″ diameter holder holds up to six pair of sticks. Detachable soft bag clamps to various drum stands.
IN STOCK £21.95

Vater Multi Pair Drumstick Holder

Vater’s Stick Holders feature a unique clamp-style fastening system and is adjusted by an easy to turn knob. Depots on

DW SMGPM GoPro Stand Mount

DW 8mm cymbal stand mount for GoPro cameras Please Note: cymbal stand and camera sold separately

Vater Drinks Holder

Vater’s Drink Holder features the same metal design and fastening system as their popular stick holders for supreme durability. The

Gibraltar Drinks Holder

Soft nylon holder clamps to any stand. Fits 1 liter bottles and most drink containers.
IN STOCK £23.00

Meinl MC-DSH Drumstick Holder

The MEINL Drumstick Holder firmly attaches to any common stand and stores a number of drumsticks, mallets, brushes and other
IN STOCK £23.00

Gibraltar Jaw Mount Mic Holder

JAW mounts microphone via drum hoop. Extra ratchet adjustment increases options.

Gibraltar BD Internal Mic Mount

Mount attaches directly to the lug screws inside the bass drum shell to get perfect internal microphone placement.
IN STOCK £32.00