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Promark Cool Rods

Promark Cool Rods are designed for a more delicate sound than the standard Hot Rods. Made of premium select birch
IN STOCK £19.99

Promark Hot Rods

Diameter:  .560″Length:  16″Tip Material:  WoodTip Shape:  OtherHandle Material:  Birch Promark Hot Rods are a Promark original, copied by others, but
IN STOCK £19.99

Pro Mark Thunder Rods

  • 7 Premium Birch Dowels
  • Ideal For Heavy Hitters
  • Smooth Grip
  • The Thunder To Your Lightning..
IN STOCK £21.99

Promark Medium Broomsticks

  • Adjustable O-Rings
  • Playability Most Like A Drumstick
  • Hybrid Between Rods & Brushes
  • Made From ACTUAL Broomcorn!
IN STOCK £24.99

Promark L-Rods Lightning Rods

With a sound somewhere between a wire brush and a hickory drumstick, Lightning Rods are the perfect sound source for
IN STOCK £28.50

Promark Broomsticks

Promark Broomsticks are a hybrid between brushes and Promark Rods made from actual broomcorn. Broomsticks offer greater volume than brushes,

Promark TB4 Classic Telescopic Wire Brush

  • Thick Wire Bristles
  • Retractable
    • Rubber Handle
IN STOCK £32.99