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Roland RDH-102 Double Kick Pedal with Noise Eater Technology – Ex-Demo

Combining a heavy-duty double kick drum pedal with Roland’s patented Noise Eater technology, the innovative RDH-102 is perfect for V-Drums
IN STOCK £259.00

Mapex Storm Double Bass Pedal – P400TW

The new P400 twin pedal sneaks some innovative features past the price Police to give you more performance for your
IN STOCK £99.95

PDP Concept Double Pedal

Designed to be the flagship pedal of the PDP line, the all-new PDP Concept pedal is fast, smooth and unlike
IN STOCK £179.00 £149.00

Natal Standard Series Double – Smooth Cam

  • Chain Drive
  • Durable & Reliable
  • Smooth & Versatile
  • Looks & Feels AWESOME
CONTACT US £149.00

Mapex P600TW Mars Series Double Pedal

The P600 has a double chain drive which ensures longlasting durability and a smooth feel to play. A solid steel

Tama HP200PTW Double Bass Drum Pedal

The Iron Cobra 200 series was developed with the same design concepts as the Iron Cobra 900 series, and offers
CONTACT US £179.00

Pearl P-932 Demonator Double Pedal

Pearl changed the game with the introduction of the Eliminator Demon Drive Pedal in 2009. Now in 2013, Pearl introduces
IN STOCK £189.00

DW 2000 Double Pedal

Drum Workshop’s entry level line of pedals are designed for students, weekend warriors, and working drummers alike. Trademark DW all-metal construction
IN STOCK £193.00

PDP Concept Double Pedal – Direct Drive

PDP hardware is designed by Drum Workshop, known throughout the industry for creating innovative hardware that inspires drummers everywhere. The
CONTACT US £207.00

Mapex P800TW Armory Series Double Pedal

The P800 makes use of a double chain drive, ensuring it is durable and has a smooth feel. All bass

Sonor DP2000 Double Bass Pedal

The Sonor DP2000 double pedal is a sturdy pedal suitable for all level of drummers. The non-slip base plate ensures
IN STOCK £214.00

Tama Iron Cobra 600 Series Double Bass Drum – Pedal

The Tama Iron Cobra 600’s most unique feature is a reversible cam called the “Duo Glide Cam.” A simple adjustment

DW 3000 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

3000 Series pedals are designed for every drummer. Big on features like dual-chain Turbo drive, bearing rocker assembly, 101 2-way

Sonor DP 4000 Double Pedal

  • Double Chain Drive Model
  • Ball Bearing Hinge at Heel Plate
  • New Footboard Design
  • Includes Pedal Bag
CONTACT US £249.00

Yamaha DFP9500C Chain Double Bass Pedal

The DFP-9500C is a double chain drive double pedal, with an optional woven nylon belt included if you prefer the
IN STOCK £329.00 £249.00

Yamaha DFP9500D Direct Double Bass Pedal

The new DFP9500D series pedals comes with a direct drive system. A new beater design offers a choice between felt
IN STOCK £329.00 £249.00