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Tama Hat Stack

The “Hat Stack” is the simplest and most compact cymbal stacker in TAMA history. It allows you to attach a
IN STOCK £9.99

Yamaha CS Attachment

The Yamaha CSAT-924A is a parallel multi-clamp that attaches an arm to an already existing stand to take up less
IN STOCK £15.95

Mapex AC910 Grabber Clamp

Mapex AC910 Multi Clamp Horizontal adjustable multi-purpose clamp.

Mapex AC904 Short Multi Clamp

The Mapex AC904 clamp is a handy piece of kit to have in your hardware bag. The AC904 is an

Sonor MH-BDPA Bass Drum Percussion Adapter

SONOR introduces a new range of Multi Holders for drummers and percussionists. All clamps are fitted with the innovative “RPS”
IN STOCK £23.00

Gibraltar Basic Grabber Clamp 2 Hole

Economical version of the SC-4425G without hinged clamps.
IN STOCK £23.95

Gibraltar Standard Grabber Clamp

Gibraltar 2 Hole Standard Grabber Clamp Double clamp assembly accepts 1/2″ though 1″ diameter
IN STOCK £24.95

Gibraltar Right Angle Clamp

Fixed 90 degree with hinged sides.

Tama MC8 Hoop Grip

The Hoop Grip is a simple tool that allows you to add cymbals or other accessories to your drum kit
IN STOCK £24.99

Pearl ADP-20 2-Hole Adaptor

The ADP-20 features dual quick release clamps that accommodate tubes from 3/4″ to 1 1/8″ in diameter. Superior quality alloys
IN STOCK £26.00

Gibraltar SC-GRUC Dunnet Universal Hoop Clamp

The R Class hoop clamp is designed to fit on any triple flange or die cast hoop. It has virtually
IN STOCK £27.95

Mapex AC903 Super Grabber Clamp

The Mapex AC903 clamp is a handy piece of kit to have in your hardware bag. The AC903 is an

Sonor MH-AC Adjustable Clamp

Adjustable multi-clamp. 360° Rotatable Includes RPS rubber protection inserts for better protection of the drum hardware Ergonomically shaped thumbscrews Extremely
IN STOCK £29.30

Gibraltar Multi Clamp

For mounting toms, accessory arms (5/8” to 1-1/4” diameter) to standard 1-1/2” diameter rack tubes.
IN STOCK £29.95

Sonor MH-MC Multi Clamp

Basic Multi-clamp including RPS Rubber Protection Inserts for better drum hardware protection, ergonomically formed wing screws
IN STOCK £29.95

Tama Cymbal Stacker Attachment

The Tama CSA25 Cymbal Stackers is a handy piece of hardware that lets you easily mount a small cymbal on