Welcome to Drummers Only!

Drum stores owned and run by drummers.

We are not a general music store!

We are passionate about drums and believe our service and commitment to what we do separates us from soulless chain stores and faceless euro websites.

If we don’t like it, we won’t stock it.

We can always improve and so can you!

We’re one of the leading drum retailers in the UK. This hasn’t happened overnight.
We have been selling drums now for more than a decade (previously as Rhythm Base) and have constantly expanded –
both in-store and online and we have now opened a second store in Leeds.

We can offer everything from starter drum kits to top end custom drum kits and add-ons.

Drummers Only is a trading name of Rhythm Base Ltd. registered in Scotland under company number SC294286
Our VAT number is GB 890 5816 92