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Tama ZCYE L-Rod For Cymbal

The ZCYE Z-rod by Tama is specially designed to be used with the MC8 Hoop Grip. It’s the perfect way
IN STOCK £16.99

Gibraltar SC-STL4 Tom Bracket – Chrome

L-Rod Tom/Floor Tom Mount Chrome Fits 9.5 to 12.7mm L-rods of floor tom legs. Includes mounting hardware and memory lock.
IN STOCK £24.95

Mapex Tornado Snare Stand

Great value starter snare drum stand from Mapex! Features: Double braced legs Adjustable Height Adjustable Basket Lightweight

Mapex Tornado T200 Drum Throne

The Mapex Tornado Drum Throne makes the perfect starter drum stool. Its budget price makes it a great add-on to
IN STOCK £24.99

Mapex Tornado Boom Cymbal Stand

This is a reliable double braced basic boom stand perfect for someone that’s starting to expand their kit with more
IN STOCK £26.99

Mapex S600EB Mars Snare Stand – Black

The Mapex S600EB Snare Stand is the ideal snare stand for a developing drummer looking to upgrade or purchase their
IN STOCK £49.00 £35.00

Mapex T400 Storm Drum Throne

The T400 throne is an ideal starting point for any beginner. Its basic but solid construction and function will keep

Mapex Tornado Hi Hat Stand

Great value starter hi-hat stand from Mapex! Features: Double braced legs Adjustable Height Lightweight

Mapex B600EB Mars Series Boom Stand – Black

Mars Hardware features lightweight yet highly functional stands and simple but sturdy pedals that will serve the needs of gigging
IN STOCK £54.00 £39.00

Natal Standard Series Snare Stand

  • Double Braced
  • Standard Series
  • Lightweight but Sturdy
IN STOCK £39.00

Pearl C-930 Straight Cymbal Stand

The C-930 is a member of the MIPA award-winning 900 Series Hardware family, and features a Uni-Lock Tilter for infinitely

Pearl D-50 Drum Throne

The Pearl D-50 Drum Throne features a round, vinyl covered cushion ensuring your sessions are comfortable throughout. The vinyl covered
IN STOCK £39.95

Mapex B400 Storm Boom Cymbal Stand

The B400 Boom Stand delivers essential features at an economical price. The multi angle boom arm provides compact storage and
IN STOCK £39.95

Tama Hi-Hat Attachment For Double Bass Drum

The MHA623 features the FastClamp easy set up system, which makes set up much faster. Simply open the FastClamp like

Sonor HX 674 X-Hat

Sonor 600 Series X-Hat. Can be installed directly on a drum rack or attached to a stand with a multi-clamp.

Tama Stagemaster Snare Stand

Features: For 12″ to 14″ diameter snare drums Universal gearless tilter Double brace legs Swiveling basket Escape claws Height adjustment