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Mapex M Birch 6pc Shell Pack, Black Forest Saphire – Pre-owned

  • Great Gigging Kit
  • All Birch shells
  • Excellent Drums to Pennies ratio
IN STOCK £249.00

Mapex Armory 5pc Shell Pack, Mantis Green – Pre-owned

  • Condition: 6.5/10
  • Any issues are mostly cosmetic
  • Still a great sounding kit!
IN STOCK £299.00

Yamaha Stage Custom 5pc Shell Pack – Matte Black – Pre-owned

  • Tried and tested reliable gigging kit
  • Expanded 3up configuration.
  • Say YESS to Yamaha's mounting system
  • Battle scars included, no need to worry about scratching this bad boy!

PDP CX Series 5pc Maple Shell Pack – Pre-owned

  • 6/10 Condition
  • All Maple Shells
  • An excellent shell pack for the money!
IN STOCK £349.00

Sonor Force 3003 20in 5pc Shell Pack, Black Sparkle – Pre-owned

  • 7/10 Condition
  • Maple / Basswood Shells
  • Classy Little Fusion Kit
IN STOCK £399.00

Pearl Vision Bop 4pc Shell Pack – Black Lacquer – Pre-owned

  • Condition: 8/10
  • 7 ply Birch Shells
  • Matte Satin Black Lacquer Finish
IN STOCK £399.00

PDP Concept Maple 24in 3pc Shell Pack – Red To Black Fade – Pre-owned

  • 9/10 condition
  • Rock sizes!
  • Stunning Red to Black lacquer finish
  • DW features at a great price
IN STOCK £425.00

Tama Superstar Hyper-Drive Custom 5pc Shell Pack – Titanium Fade – Pre-owned

  • 7/10 Condition
  • Stunning Finish With a Killer Sound
  • Great Sizes With a Matching Snare
  • Honestly... This Kit Makes Me HYPER!
IN STOCK £499.00

Mapex Saturn IV 4pc Shell Pack – Red-Blue Hybrid Sparkle – Pre-owned

  • Saturn Series is a store favourite!
  • Hybrid Sparkle for a Hybrid Shell
  • Includes FREE matching snare drum!
IN STOCK £599.00

Sonor Select Force 22in 5pc Maple Shell Pack, Brown Galaxy Sparkle – Pre-owned

  • Great Condition
  • All-Maple Shells
  • High Gloss Sparkle Lacquer Finish
  • Punchy Tom Sizes
IN STOCK £599.00

Mapex Saturn V Exotic 4pc Shell Pack, Cherry Mist Burl – Pre-owned

  • 8/10 Condition
  • Stunning finish and sound
  • Great value top-end drums
IN STOCK £699.00

Yamaha Recording Custom 6pc Shell Pack, Cherry – Pre-owned

  • 8/10 Condition
  • Beautiful Late 80's Japanese-Made Drums
  • Loads of Tom Options
  • Grab Some Yammy History
IN STOCK £1,695.00

Dw Collector’s Maple 4pc Shell Pack, Black Oyster FinishPly – Pre-owned

  • Maple Shells - Made in USA
  • Great Condition
  • One Up, Two Down
  • Vintage Looks, Modern Sound
CONTACT US £2,395.00

Ludwig Classic Maple 20in 4pc Shell Pack, Mod Orange – Pre-owned

  • Rare Mod Orange Premium Wrap Finish
  • Matching 14x6.5in Maple Snare Drum
  • Made in Ludwig's Monroe Factory
  • Stunning Sound And Look!
IN STOCK £2,495.00

Sonor SQ2 3pc Maple Shell Pack, Ebony White Stripes – Pre-owned

Condition: 9/10 – Immaculate other than some stick marks on the heads. Little over a year old, this custom from scratch
IN STOCK £2,495.00

Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple 50th Anniversary 5pc Shell Pack – Pre-owned

Condition: 9.5/10. Less than 6 months old and one careful owner. Original Yamaha drumheads. Comes complete with custom made 50th
IN STOCK £3,695.00