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Dunlop Cymbal Cleaner – Intensive Care

Restores the finish of old, tarnished or corroded cymbals. Rejuvenates the appearance, while preparing the surface for finishing with 65

Groove Juice Shell Shine

Shell Shine is designed to maintain the luster of drum kit finishes. By simply spraying a fine mist on one
IN STOCK £6.99

Dunlop Drum Shell Polish & Cleaner

Dunlop’s drummer’s version of Formula 65 is perfect for common drum wood finishes and bright metal trim. Restores the luster

Crazy Johns Brilliant Cymbal Polish

Brilliant Finish is a less abrasive formula for all brilliant cymbals. It removes discolouration and returns cymbals to their original
IN STOCK £8.95

Crazy Johns Cymbal Polish

This liquid cymbal cleaner and polish cleans, polishes and protects your expensive cymbals with care. Rub gently onto cymbal with
IN STOCK £8.95

Crazy Johns Drum & Hardware Cleaner/Polish

Drum & Hardware Cleaner/Polish removes dirt and grime from drum shells and hardware parts and components to bring them to
IN STOCK £8.99

Zildjian Brilliant Finish Cymbal Cleaning Polish

Keep your cymbals looking and sounding as good as the day you bought them! Cleans, polishes, and protects Zildjian brilliant
IN STOCK £8.99

Meinl MCPR Cymbal Protectant

Maintain a lasting, lustrous shine on your cymbals with the MEINL Cymbal Protectant. Apply this easy-to-use spray evenly on traditional
IN STOCK £15.00 £9.99

Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner

Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner is the original spray on rinse off cymbal cleaner an easy to use no mess cymbal
IN STOCK £9.99

Vater Cymbal Polish

An easy-to-use liquid formula that quickly removes tarnish, dirt and discoloration. It renews, brightens and protects all brands of cymbals

Meinl MCP – Brilliant Cymbal Polish

The Meinl Cymbal Polish was specially developed for cleaning polished cymbals. The combination of regular Cymbal Cleaner and the original
IN STOCK £15.00

Meinl MCCK-MCP Cymbal Care Kit

Meinl’s Cymbal Care Kits help you keep your cymbals looking shiny and new, taking off years of stick residue and
IN STOCK £23.00

Drumfire Drumset Dust Cover

Waterproof nylon cover keeps drum set free of dust and debris. Weights keep cover in place. Keep your drum set
IN STOCK £44.95 £29.99