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Sonor MSH 4000 Marching Snare Stand – High

  • Marching Snare Stand
  • Can Be Used For Toms
  • 4000 Series Pro Hardware
CONTACT US £114.00

Mapex Tornado Snare Stand

Great value starter snare drum stand from Mapex! Features: Double braced legs Adjustable Height Adjustable Basket Lightweight

Natal Standard Series Snare Stand

  • Double Braced
  • Standard Series
  • Lightweight but Sturdy

PDP 800 Snare Stand – PDSS800 – Pre-owned

  • Condition: 8/10
  • Memory Lock
  • Double Braced Legs
IN STOCK £39.00

PDP 800 Snare Stand – PDSS800 – Pre-owned

  • Condition: 8/10
  • Memory Lock
  • Double Braced Legs
IN STOCK £39.00

Tama Stagemaster Snare Stand

Features: For 12″ to 14″ diameter snare drums Universal gearless tilter Double brace legs Swiveling basket Escape claws Height adjustment

Mapex S400 Storm Snare Stand

Storm S400 is a Medium-Weight line featuring durability and versatility in an affordable selection of double braced hardware. Chrome Finish
IN STOCK £43.00

Mapex Mars S600 Snare Stand

The Mapex S600 Mars Snare Drum Stand is lightweight so it’s easy to cart around from gig to gig, but
IN STOCK £49.00

Yamaha SS650A Snare Stand

Yamaha SS650A Lightweight Snare Stand Single Braced Height Adjsutment: 43-62cm Compact Design

Mapex S600EB Mars Snare Stand – Black

The Mapex S600EB Snare Stand is the ideal snare stand for a developing drummer looking to upgrade or purchase their

PDP 900 Snare Stand – PDSS900 – Pre-owned

  • Condition: 8.10
  • Double Braced
  • Super Solid Snare Stand!
IN STOCK £49.00

Pearl S-830 Snare Stand

The S-830 Snare Stand by Pearl is a lightweight yet sturdy snare stand with an infinitely adjustable tilter and double-braced
IN STOCK £57.00

Sonor SS LT 2000 Snare Drum Stand

SONOR’s basic hardware series is characterized by good handling with professional appearance. The hardware standard with lots of grip for
IN STOCK £59.00

Yamaha SS740A Snare Stand

The Yamaha SS740A is a medium weight, single braced snare drum stand with height and spread adjustment. Features: Available Height
IN STOCK £63.00

Sonor SS XS 2000 Snare Stand – Extra Low

  • 2000 Series
  • Double Braced
  • Extra Low Version

Mapex S800 Armory Series Snare Stand

Armory is a complete line of gig-quality hardware featuring heavy-duty tubes, double-braced legs, memory locks, and the adjustability needed by
IN STOCK £64.00