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Gibraltar Bass Drum Riser

Raises small bass drums 2″ off the ground. Fits 18″ and 20″ bass drums.
IN STOCK £29.95

Gibraltar Standard Snare Butt End

Gibraltar standard snare butt-end
IN STOCK £6.00

Gibraltar 1-5/8in Tension Rods 6pk

1 5/8″ (41 mm) tension rods. Fits many snare drums, small and medium toms and some floor toms. Pack of
IN STOCK £5.00

Gibraltar Bass Drum Claw Hooks 4pk

Bass Drum Claw Hook – 4pk
IN STOCK £12.00

Gibraltar 1-3/8in Tension Rods 6pk

1 3/8″ (35 mm) Tension Rods, Fits many piccolo snare drums and small tom toms. Pack of 6
IN STOCK £5.00

Gibraltar Double Brace Leg Feet 3pk

Pack of 3 large rubber feet. Suitable for most double-braced stands.
IN STOCK £7.50

Gibraltar Bass Drum Felt Strip

A 2 1/4″ wide strip mounts inside drum head. Fits up to 26″ drum
IN STOCK £5.50

Tama QC8 Quick Set Cymbal Mate

By simply gripping and pressing the two buttons on the sides of the unit, users can attach and remove the
IN STOCK £4.99

Promark Rattler

Adds a heavier rattle to ride cymbals/crashes, ideal for jazz music
IN STOCK £14.99

Tama HP900-7R Iron Cobra Pedal Spring

Replacement spring for Tama Iron Cobra Bass Drum Pedals
IN STOCK £5.00

Gibraltar 8mm Cym Sleeve W/ Flanged Base

Flanged base (8mm) for shorter shaft length cymbal titlers. (4 pk)
IN STOCK £4.50

Promark Sizzler

The Promark S22 cymbal rattler is the perfect alternative to putting permanent rivets in your favorite cymbal. Achieve the same
IN STOCK £14.99

Mapex Multi Sustain Cymbal Holder & Felts

Plastic cymbal holder with multi-sustain accentuators
IN STOCK £3.50

Gibraltar 2-1/4in Tension Rods 6pk

2-14in (58mm) Tension Rods w/Washers. Fits some floor toms and bass drums. Pack of 6
IN STOCK £5.25

Stagg 15C-HP Pedal Spring Long

Spring for bass drum pedal – Length: 6.1cm / 2.4in.
IN STOCK £6.95

Gibraltar Generic Pedal Spring

Generic bass drum pedal spring – pack of 2 Suitable for most standard single and double pedals
IN STOCK £4.95