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Gibraltar Hi-Hat Clutch Felts 4pk

Hi-Hat Clutch Felts – pack of 4
IN STOCK £3.50

Gibraltar Universal Hi-Hat Clutch

Fits most entry level hi-hat stands.
IN STOCK £9.00

Gibraltar Standard Hi-Hat Clutch

  • Standard Hi Hat Clutch
  • Works with 7mm Hi Hat Rod
IN STOCK £11.50

Stagg Standard Hi-Hat Clutch – 7A-HP

  • Standard Hi-Hat Clutch
  • Fits 8mm Rods
  • Smooth Action
  • Great For Regular Use Or A Spare!
IN STOCK £11.95

Gibraltar Deluxe Hi Hat Clutch

Fits Gibraltar and most professional stands. (8mm rods)
IN STOCK £12.00

BR Deluxe Hi-Hat Clutch

Deluxe Hi-Hat Clutch
IN STOCK £13.99

Gibraltar Super Hi-Hat Clutch

Utilizes “Super Grip” clamping mechanism which will not scar the hi-hat pull rod. Fits 8mm rod.
IN STOCK £14.95

Pearl HCL-79 Hi Hat Clutch

This budget clutch from Pearl is made of steel and features a chrome-plated finish, giving it a sturdy look. Two
IN STOCK £15.00

Yamaha LC810A Hi-Hat Clutch

Standard fit hi-hat clutch from Yamaha. Fits most hi-hat stands, ideal as a replacement or a spare!
IN STOCK £15.00

Yamaha LC930A Hi-Hat Clutch

The Yamaha LC930A is a locking hi-hat clutch and features a locking nut which eliminates looseness and slippage. The top
IN STOCK £19.00

Gibraltar Hi Hat Drop Clutch

The SC-DC Gibraltar Drop Clutch allows you to disengage and drop top cymbal by hitting clutch with drumstick. Step on

Tama QHC7 – Quick Set Hi-Hat Clutch

With just a single press, the Tama QCH7 Quick-Set Clutch can be attached or removed – simply push the button

Gibraltar Quick Release Hi-Hat Clutch

  • Unique Design
  • Quickly Attach/Detach You Top Hi-Hat
  • Fits A Standard 7mm Rod
IN STOCK £25.50

Pearl HCL-205QR Rapid Lock Supergrip Hi-Hat Clutch

The Pearl HCL-205QR Rapid Lock Supergrip Hi-Hat Clutch is a high-quality hi-hat clutch from Pearl, featuring durable felt washers and
IN STOCK £27.00

Pearl HCL-205DQR Rapid Lock Drop Clutch

The Pearl HCL-205DQR Rapid Lock Hi-Hat Drop Clutch is a high-quality drop-clutch from Pearl, featuring durable felt washers and a
IN STOCK £32.00