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LP Tri Tone Samba Whistle – LPA229

The patented LP Aspire Tri-Tone Samba Whistle has its origins in Brazilian music but has become a standard in today’s
IN STOCK £6.50

Meinl Ching Ring

Incorporate a “ching” into you backbeats by placing the MEINL Ching Ring directly on your cymbals! Ideal for hihats, these
IN STOCK £8.90

Big Fat Snare Drum Bling Ring

The NEW BFSD Bling Ring has 6 sets of Tambourine Jingles to give any Hi-Hat or Cymbal a Sizzle/Trashy sound.
IN STOCK £16.00

Stagg Vibraslap – Large

The Stagg Vibraslap Large is a modern adaptation on a classic percussion instrument called a Jawbone. A rattling sound is
IN STOCK £24.95

Rhythm Tech Hat Shake G2

The Rhythm Tech Hat Shake G2 is a unique new instrument that allows the drum set player to add shaker
IN STOCK £34.99

Rhythm Tech Ribbon Crasher

Loud, intense and, best of all … unique! The Ribbon Crasher delivers a bright, tight metallic sound that’s unavailable in
IN STOCK £45.00

Meinl MPS1 Analog Percussion Stomp Box

  • Solid Mahogany Box
  • Piezo Trigger Built In
  • Add Some Kick to your Performance!
IN STOCK £80.00

Meinl MPDS1 Digital Percussion Stomp Box

  • Solid Mahogany Box
  • 5 Digital Percussion Samples & 1 Custom
  • Great for Gigging & Busking
  • Use With Cajons For Percussion Madness
IN STOCK £180.00