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Happy Birthday, Gavin Harrison!

Happy Birthday, Gavin Harrison

The King of Prog celebrates his birthday today, and we take a look at some of the highlights of one of the most exciting drummers to have ever graced the stage.

Holding the seat down in regular bands, “Porcupine Tree” and “The Pineapple Thief” as well as being a world-renowned session drummer, recording with bands and artists, such as Level 42, Lisa Stansfield, Artful Dodger and Iggy Pop, it is just proof that Gavin is a drummer in high demand!

Drum Solo week on The Letterman Show!

It’s not often you get to perform a drum solo on prime time TV, but that’s exactly what happened on the Letterman Show back in 2011. Letterman hosted “Drum Solo Week” where a whole host of world-famous drummers would take the stage every day for 7 days, playing along with the Lettermans House Band, AKA- Paul Shaffer and the World’s Most Dangerous Band.

The bar where musicianship is set is not only so high, that not many can reach it, but it’s also wrapped in barbed wire, set on fire, and then raised a bit more.

Here, Gavin absolutely nails “The Chicken”- check it out!

Wait…what time signature is this?!

Let it be known, that Gavin isn’t afraid of time signatures. You wouldn’t find him on a function gig looking on in fear when the guitarist suddenly starts “Sex on Fire” and you forgot to ask if they play it the normal way, or the easy way.

Gavin, in fact, enjoys coming up with the most bonkers time signatures. And couldn’t get more bonkers than “19 days”, which funnily enough is in 19/8…or 19/8ths? Or 19/….something…….

Test yourself on it, and see how you would pick it apart.

“Overriding” Time Signatures.

Whilst we’re on the subject of time signatures- “Overriding” is a technique Gavin uses to give the crowd/listener a pulse and a feel. “Something you can dance to” as he calls it. Check the video out to see him explain how he pulls apart time signatures!

Being such an influential drummer, Gavin has made his mark on the drum market with his own signature line of drum sticks from Vic Firth and his own snare drum from Sonor

The Sonor Gavin Harrison 14×5.25in Protean Snare Drum is part of the Signature series and is handcrafted in Germany. It comes fitted with a 6-ply, premium hand-selected Birchwood shell in a beautiful Silky Black Finish along with chrome hardware. The snare drum also features a round 45-degree bearing edge, vintage Phonic lugs, S-Hoops on the top side, and a special open, triple-flanged steel hoop on the bottom.

Vic Firth – Gavin Harrison Signature Sticks are an elongated ROCK shaft with a blended taper and tip which delivers an ideal combination of power and playability and finished off nicely with blue Vic Grip.

To get the Gavin Harrison sound and look, and to guarantee you’ll be as good as him*, you have to buy these items!

*If only!

Happy Birthday to a wonderfully gifted drummer, and long may the crazy time signatures, insane drum rudiments, and tunes continue to grace our eyes and ears for many years to come!

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