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Leave Your Hat On!

Hats! Often overlooked. Absolutely essential. Ask Indiana Jones. How many times does he nearly lose an arm for the sake of his bunnet??

Where would Drummers be without Hi Hats? Probably still playing drums…just without Hi Hats. But it wouldn’t be the same would it? So let’s take a look at a few of what we think are essentials when it comes to Hi Hats

Zildjian New Beat Hi Hats are like the OG. Back in the day when drummers wore Tuxedos and rock was considered ‘noise’ there was a guy called Louis. Louis was on the hunt for something versatile. The perfect blend of stick and ‘chick’. So Louis took this design to team at Zildjian and Hey Presto! New Beat Hats were born.

Some people think that the New Beat hats are the most versatile around…and it’s hard to disagree – with sizes ranging from 12in-15in. For me, it’s gotta be 14in. Classic!

Another classic in the Hi Hat game. The Paiste 2002 have been part of their diet since 1971. Legendary Drummers such as John Bonham, Alex Van Halen and Phil Rudd have incorporated these into their varied set ups over the years, making 2002 part of the legacy of Rock drumming.

Bright, Clean and Articulate – a sound revered by drummers for over 40 years. Available as Medium, Heavy and Sound Edge in a wide variety of sizes from 13in – 17in.

Really? HHX Groove? Classics? YES! These are Modern Classics. In the last 10 or so years, we’ve sold on countless pairs of these Hi Hats. But then that’s because they’re awesome. I suppose they would be if they were designed by Zoro. The man knows a thing or two about groove!

A retro tone with crisp and clean definition. A must to get your groove on! Available in 14 and 15in and in Brilliant or Traditional finish.

It wouldn’t be a cymbals list of any kind without some handmade cymbals. Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary are the handmade of handmade cymbals. Even the bells of these beauties are hand hammered. Imagine being the guy that hammers bells all day?! Tough job.

Agop are considered by some to be the ‘Original’ when it comes to cymbal making and their traditional foundry methods certainly don’t hurt their cause.

Available in 12in, 14, and 15in.

Every piece that comes out the factory are unique and the 30ths even ship with their own case. They really are special cymbals and while not suited for every style, they sound absolutely incredible.

We’ve done Bright, Rocky, Jazz, somewhere in the middle and now it’s time for the DRY!!

Meinl changed the game when it came to Dry cymbals. Whilst not the first, they made it theirs and it’s become an iconic sound very quickly. Drummers as widely versed as Chris Coleman, Anika Nilles, Richard Spaven have been heard playing Extra Dry of some kind.

Meinl describe them as extremely refined and designed to be dry, fast, trashy and low. A massive hit since their inception, they’ll give you a uniqueness not found in the same way anywhere else.

Medium Weight in 13in and 14in. Medium Thin in 15in and 16in.

A small list of some rad cymbals. Some iconic models, some newer models but a wide variety to cover your sonic palette and hopefully a look at how changing the hi hats can really change your sound.

What do you play and why? Leave us a comment below.

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