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Promark TXR5AW – Natural Wood Tip

Diameter:  .551″ Length:  16″ Tip Material:  Wood Tip Shape:  Oval The 5A has long been the best selling stick for
IN STOCK £10.99 £8.99

Paiste Signature 20in Full Ride

Sound Character: Medium bright, full, rich. Wide range, balanced mix. Even response with clear, silvery stick sound supported by full
IN STOCK £385.00 £293.00

Zildjian Oriental 16in China Trash

Authentic “trashy” Chinese sound. Very fast, explosive response with rapid decay. Category: FX Series SKU: A0616 Type: Oriental Size: 16
IN STOCK £225.00 £171.00

Zildjian A Custom 14in Hi Hat Pair Brilliant

Light, crisp, subtle, very colorful. Delicate stick sound with clean “chick.” Category – A Custom Series Weight – Medium Thin/Medium
IN STOCK £359.00 £273.00

Zildjian K Custom 14in Special Dry Hi-Hats

K Custom Special Dry are the original dry cymbal remastered for today’s modern musical styles. These raw and earthy cymbals
IN STOCK £465.00 £331.00

Zildjian A Custom 20in Medium Ride

Extremely clear and crisp stick definition and shimmering spread with exceptional cutting power. A versatile Ride cymbal with a sophisticated,
IN STOCK £295.00 £213.00

Zildjian K 16in Dark Crash Thin

Legend. Legacy. The innovative cymbal work of Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams or any one of a sweeping collection
IN STOCK £262.00 £195.00

Zildjian K Custom 20in Hybrid Ride

Zildjian K Customs are cast bronze cymbals based on the original K Zildjians but are made with very complex machine
IN STOCK £369.00 £285.00

Vater Stick Whip Combi Sticks

The Stick Whip takes the very popular Fusion model and adds 3 1/2″ of Whip bristles to the butt-end of
IN STOCK £22.99 £15.23

Vater Wire Tap Wood Handle Brushes

Non-retractable wire brush with 5A sized wooden grip. Features a metal rivet at butt end for cymbal scrapes.
IN STOCK £22.99 £13.99

Paiste 900 Series 19in Crash

The Paiste 900 Series takes a new step into value for money. The cymbals in the 900 Series are crafted
IN STOCK £166.00 £131.00

Istanbul Agop Signature 16in Crash

The Agop Signature Series are extremely dark, trashy, dry and complex. Dark and trashy Dry and controlled wash Paper thin
IN STOCK £215.00 £163.00

Zildjian S Series 14in M/Sound Hats

Mastersound HiHats feature a hammered outer edge bottom cymbal, which not only prevents air lock, but creates a lively, fast
IN STOCK £185.00 £147.00

Zildjian K Custom 18in Special Dry Crash

K Custom Special Dry are the original dry cymbal remastered for today’s modern musical styles. These raw and earthy cymbals
IN STOCK £322.00 £235.00

Yamaha Recording Custom 5pc 20in Shell Pack – Surf Green

  • Yamaha's Re-engineered Classic Shell Pack
  • Designed To Offer Tone Enhancement, Stability & Ease Of Use
  • Improvements Certified By Steve Gadd Himself
IN STOCK £3,295.00 £2,495.00

Sabian AA 24in Bash Ride – Natural

The latest model in a great line of SABIAN wash rides – but bigger and extremely light for its size.
IN STOCK £329.00 £199.00