5 Moments Billy Cobham Was The BEST Drummer!

Happy Birthday, Billy Cobham!

Sighted as an influence for many drummers across so many genres, from the likes of Kenny Aronoff, Daney Carey, Jimmy Chamberlin, Dennis Chambers, Thomas Pridgen, Matt Garstka and many, MANY more, Billy could be considered the godfather of drums, so here’s 5 times where he was just the best drummer in the world…

Billy Cobham: Tenth Pinn – 1974

Brace yourself for 13 minutes of just AWESOMENESS. That’s all…

Billy Cobham – Drum Solo – France 1972 (Mahavishnu)

Another drum solo from Billy, this one taken in 1972. France didn’t quite know, or perhaps appreciate the spectical they were about to endure.

Billy Cobham: Drum Solo: EYE OF THE HURRICAINE (1983)

Billy was tearing shreds out of the drums 10 years prior to me being born, and this solo from 1983 with Herbie Hancock simply blew my mind!

Billy Cobham Drum Solo in the Evans Studio

…because sometimes, FOUR sticks are better than two!

Billy Cobham: STRATUS – 2016

“Stratus” is often the first word that comes to mind when drummers talk of Billy Cobham, so to round out our picks, here’s a performance from 2016 of the man himself playing that very piece. Enjoy!

Of course, there are many, MANY great performances from Billy across truly sensational and lengthy career. It was really difficult to narrow down just five moments. What a player, and influential to drummers both new and old.

Which performance from Billy is your favourite? Let us know down below!

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