BIRCH PLEASE! – Yamaha RC Birch Snare Drums

Earlier in the year Yamaha announced two new additions to their Recording Custom snare line. 14×5.5 and 14×8 Birch snare drums. The internet just about exploded into a FRENZY (as did our e-mail account) asking when these would be available. Well…we’ve got ‘em. So if you want some info on them before you buy, you’re on the right blog!

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The shells for these drums are made from 6mm 6-ply birch, which as the name implies means it’s ideal for recording. Birch wood has a natural bright, punchy nature making it a recording engineers dream. It’s been sighted as saying the wood “EQ’s itself”. They have a 30-degree bearing edge allowing for a focused sound that will always deliver and ensures maximum head to shell contact. Speaking of, it comes with a Remo US Ambassador on top and a hazy Ambassador on the bottom so it’s good to go straight outta compton…

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They come with triple-flanged hoops that allow the shell to resonate more and the maximize the shell tone and fitted with the gorgeous high-tension one-piece lugs that helped to make these drums distinguishable from their Yamaha brethren. The Q Type strainer could withstand a holding a mountain with just how well made it is, while remaining delicately smooth in practice (basically, it’s pure heavy solid na’a mean ken?). The biggest talking point for these drums of course is the size. Size MATTERS…sort of. The 14×8 will provide more depth so its perfect for that fat thud common in 70’s funk, while the 14×5.5 sits nicely in a high tuning range giving a warm crack. That being said, I’m no yer maw…tune it how you want. You want that 14×8 singing high, batter in. Want yer 14×5.5 low and fat? Go fir it. The amazing thing about these drums is they’re built to be THAT versatile.

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Currently we have the 14×8 in Solid Black in-store (but for how long?) with the 14×5.5 in Surf Green making it’s way through traffic on route to us so come on in and see what the fuss is about!

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