Drummers Only Radio #43 w/Jared Falk (Founder & CEO of Drumeo)

Starting an “online” instructional course was crazy talk back in 2007. This whole “internet fad” wasn’t going to dictate or influence our lives on any grand scale, they said. How things have changed…

I’m quite certain most drummers will know about, or have heard of Drumeo but in case you haven’t, Drumeo is the largest and most recognisable drumming and instrument-based online education platform, started by Jared Falk, the founder and CEO of the company. Becoming the most recognisable drumming online educational platform has not happened overnight, infact it’s taken Jared and Drumeo team almost 15 years to reach this remarkable benchmark that’s seen Drumeo achieve a YouTube following of over 1.89 MILLION, and gain millions of students worldwide part of the Drumeo Edge program.

We had to know more, so we sat down to talk with Jared on our podcast. We talked about the humble beginnings of Drumeo, the importance of online education, the future of instruments and what that means for a business like Drumeo & much more!

Please enjoy!

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