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“Excuse me, this maple is reserved”… – Pearl Masters Maple Reserve

Masters Maple Reserve is a line of drums from Pearl which combines thin maple shells with THICK reinforcement hoops to deliver rich low tones with wide open resonance. We’ve had one of these kits land with us (and in a LIMITED EDITION finish no less) so lets unpack this beast and tell you all about it…

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We’ll start with the fundamentals, or in other words…the shells. Featuring North American Maple veneers from their Masterworks supply vault (Pearl’s original Master series shell formula), The shells are made from 4-ply 5mm Maple and combined with 4-ply maple reinforcement rings for extra stability and tonal control. The reinforcement rings are fitted in order to aid sustain of the shell and give the low-end a huge boost which remaining rich in tone. Routed with a 45-degree bearing edge, these drums project for MILES with wicked resonance making them a great choice for studio or live gigs.

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The toms are fitted with the Optimount Suspension System. If you’re unfamiliar, the O.S.S mount attaches to the tom’s tension rods at four corresponding points providing it with ultimate stability without restricting the resonance of the drum. All the toms are also fitted with Fatone Hoops. With their thin profile, they’ve been proven to increase the sustain and tonal resonance while keeping projection at an all time HIGH! The CL Bridge lugs are designed to reduce contact with the shell to once again enhance the resonance. All of this hardware is available in Chrome, Nickel, Black Nickel, Black or Gold.

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A few different finish options are available with this kit. You could go for the Classic Black Oyster, Bombay Gold Sparkle, Matte White or Twilight Burst. With that said, the one WE have is very special. LIMITED EDITION. The finish on this one is Vintage Blue Sparkle. I’ll be honest, I had the best time taking photos of this kit. Not only because I love drums but because this finish in particular when under the right lights just shimmered. For me, that ALONE is enough to make me want it. The best bit though is just how good it sounds. Lovely warm maple projection with incredible sustain and presence. Good luck finding a situation where this kit won’t sound great, because it’s impossible. I don’t think they could even make them sound bad on purpose. THAT’S how good they are.

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So if you’re looking for a kit that does everything, made to the same recipe as the Masters kits from yesteryear and love something blue and shiney…you’ve just found the kit for you. Come in and see for yourself…

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