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High End Reimagined – New Gear From Pearl Drums!

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Pearl Drums have been synonymous with exceptional drum craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to the drumming community for nearly eight decades. Pearl raises the bar again in 2023, introducing a new era of percussion instruments that forge an even stronger connection between musicians and their instruments.

From the revolutionary R2 Air Tom suspension system to the reimagined Reference One series, the Professional Maple drums, and exciting collaborations, Pearl is setting the stage for a great year in drumming.

Pearl Reference One Series Drums

rf1p923xdps referenceone 124 matteblackmist finish

The Pearl Reference One Series drums embody the pinnacle of drum craftsmanship and sonic excellence. Designed to meet the demanding needs of professional drummers, this series represents a culmination of Pearl’s decades-long pursuit of perfection. With a focus on versatility, projection, and tonal richness, the Reference One Series drums deliver an unparalleled playing experience.

The Reference One Series drums offer a perfect balance of warmth, depth, and sensitivity, featuring meticulously handcrafted shells made from a blend of maple and African mahogany. The combination of these premium materials creates a sonic palette that can adapt to any musical style or genre.

rf1p924xsplc referenceone 859 puttygrey header 2

These drums also showcase Pearl’s new innovative R2 Air tom suspension system, which suspends the toms in a fully balanced four-point platform. This revolutionary system allows unrestricted tone, enabling the drums to resonate freely and project with exceptional clarity and sustain.

Whether on stage or in the studio, the Pearl Reference One Series drums offer professional drummers an instrument that is finely crafted and designed to deliver uncompromising performance. From their exceptional sound quality to striking aesthetics, these drums represent Pearl’s dedication to drumming excellence.

Pearl Masters

Masters Maple

pearl masters maple 22in 4pc shell pack satin charred oak

Pearl has reimagined the MCX shell recipe by introducing the Masters 6-ply All Maple shell. This new design incorporates hand-curated premium shell plies from Pearl’s Masterworks Veneer Vault and utilizes the Superior Shell Technology process.

The result is a drum shell that delivers clear and striking notes, cutting through high-volume stage sound. The Masters 6-ply All Maple shell offers exceptional sonic performance, with balanced tonal characteristics and enhanced clarity, definition, and projection. It is a testament to Pearl’s innovation and expertise in drum-shell construction.

We have these drums arriving in the stunning Satin Charred Oak finish!

Masters Maple/Gum

mmgc923xdpl mastersmaplegum 418 blueabalonel header

The Master’s Maple/Gum feature Pearl’s renowned Mastercast Die-Cast Hoops, CL Bridge Lugs, and upgraded bass drum spurs and floor tom brackets, ensuring optimal performance and durability. These standard features are a testament to Pearl’s commitment to delivering top-quality drums.

Like the Reference One series, Masters Maple/Gum features the groundbreaking R2 Air Tom Suspension system. The shell composition of the Master’s Maple/Gum drums consists of an outer ply of EvenPly-6 (5.4mm) 4-ply maple and an inner ply of 2-ply gumwood. This combination results in a well-balanced and dynamic sound, with rich warmth and powerful low-end response. The sonic versatility of these drums makes them suitable for various musical styles and genres.

R2 Air Tom Suspension System

pearl masters maple 22in 4pc shell pack satin charred oak

Pearl Drums introduces the groundbreaking R2 Air, the most advanced Tom suspension system in the world. Designed for ultimate tonal freedom, R2 Air offers a fully balanced four-point platform that suspends toms, providing exceptional resonance and unimpeded sound projection. With a choice between Pearl’s traditional 7/8″ pipe or the new GyroLock-L 12mm tom holder, drummers can customize their setup for optimum performance.

The R2 Air system comes standard on the newly reimagined Reference One series, as well as the updated Masters Series, which offers three different shell recipes to suit various musical styles.

1610x1000 thl1035s gyro ltomholdershort

Professional Maple: Performance Standards Revisited

pmx923xpc professional 448 whitemarinepearl snrareheader

Returning to the stage from the ’80s, Pearl presents the Professional Maple drums, offering gigging drummers a performance standard like no other. Available in a range of lacquered finishes and versatile set-ups, these drums deliver a perfect balance of warmth, projection, and durability.

Built with meticulous attention to detail and utilizing high-quality maple shells, the Professional Maple series ensures that drummers can confidently take the stage and deliver exceptional performances every time.

pmx903xpc professional 448 whitemarinepearl header

Dennis Chambers Signature Snare Drum

dc1465sc dennischamberssnaredrum

Pearl proudly unveils a new signature collaboration with the legendary Pearl Artist, Dennis Chambers. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of a bold and innovative snare drum. Crafted with precision and incorporating Dennis Chambers’ unique playing style and preferences, this snare drum is a testament to Pearl’s commitment to meeting the needs of drummers at the highest level.

With its distinct sound and remarkable craftsmanship, the Dennis Chambers Signature Snare Drum is a must-have for drummers looking to make a powerful statement.

Pearl Demon XR 3500 Series Pedals

pearl p 3500d demon drive xr single pedal

The Pearl Demon XR 3500 Series is a testament to Pearl Drums’ commitment to delivering top-tier bass drum pedals that cater to the needs of discerning drummers. With its raw power, lightning-fast speed, and unmatched responsiveness, this pedal series redefines what drummers can achieve on stage and in the studio.

The innovative features, such as the NiNja Bearings for ultra-low friction and durability, the Duo-Deck Longboard for customizable playing experience, and the Control Core Beaters for versatile tone control, make the Demon XR 3500 Series a formidable tool in the hands of drummers seeking to unleash their inner beast. Whether you crave thunderous hits or precise strokes, this pedal series delivers the power, precision, and customization options to bring your drumming to new heights.

The Demon XR 3500 Series is a testament to Pearl’s unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, ensuring that drummers can perform with confidence and unleash their full potential. Available as both a single, and double pedal

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