Our FIVE Favourite Stewart Copeland Moments!

Happy Birthday, Stewart Copeland!

The Klark Kent of the drumming world is another year older. We wonder if he got his birthday Message in a Bottle…get it? Stewart Copeland isn’t just known for making drum gloves cool, he was also one third of english rock band, The Police. Like Travis Barker, Questlove, and Will Ferrell…I mean, Chad Smith, Stewart Copeland belongs to the minority of drummers recognised by even non-drummers. He’s THAT famous. Not only is he a phenomenal drummer, but he’s also an exceptionally gifted composer with noteable composition work for TV Shows, Movies and Video Games. So, we picked out 5 favourite Stewart Copeland moments!

The Police ~ Message in a Bottle ~ Synchronicity Concert [1983]

Perhaps the greatest recording of Message In A Bottle ever? Drumming wise, at least. Stewart is just on another LEVEL in this clip!

Side note; Is Sting dressed like The Ultimate Warrior on purpose, or was it just the fashion in the 80’s?

Stewart Copelands Approach To Backbeats

His fantastic, but also unconvetional in his approach to the drums. This video perhaps sums up perfectly the importance of playing the right rhythms for the SONG – not just a cool drum part.

The Police – So Lonely 2008 Live

Back to The Police now, and thankfully Sting has ditched his glad-rags while Stewart dons the headband of triumph! You can really see how much Stewarts playing has matured since the 80’s here – SUPER tight!

Stewart Copeland – Drum Solo – David Letterman 2011

Nothing of note to mention here. Just 3 and a half minutes of Stewart Copeland RIPPING!

Primus & Stewart Copeland at the Sacred Grove

When I think of the band Primus, I don’t instinctively think of Stewart Copeland. However, those are two worlds that collide in this video. Stewart isn’t behind kit in this video, but manning the percussion station! This song won’t be to everyones taste. At least it’s Gluten-Free…

Stewart will be forever etched into drumming royality, with his influnce on the drumming world shining through various young and up and coming drummers alike. Just don’t play the Roxanne drinking game with him…

Which performance from Stewart is your favourite? Let us know down below!

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