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Power, Speed, Feel! – Tama Dyna-Sync Direct Drive Pedal

Power, Speed, Feel – Those are the three core elements that help make a great bass drum pedal. It’s a bit like baking a cake, each ingredient needs to come together in the right order for it to work. Well, the guys & gals certainly baked a delicious one with their new Dyna-Sync pedal. It may not taste very nice, but it looks and feels GREAT!

It’s been a while since Tama entered the direct-drive pedal game so it was a major surprise when this latest offering made it’s debut at the 2019 NAMM show. Looking at it simply to the untrained eye, it’s a direct-drive pedal. However on closer inspection it’s SO much more. In order to create the vision of their direct-drive pedal, Tama created the Dynamic Synchronization system which consists of three sub-elements: Optimized Transmission Design, Dual Linkage and Slidable Cam. This combination allows you to feel at one with the pedal, making every stroke seem effortless! Let’s delve into exactly what all these sub-elements actually do…

The Dyna-Sync’s Optimized Transmission Design works by precisely positioning and aligning the contact points between the cam, direct-link and footboard which in turn allows the pedal to be incredibly balanced but also open it up to produce tremendous power with very little effort. Tama developed a sturdy double-link cam connection system known as the “Dual Linkage”, which Tama say produces almost perfect energy transfer from the footboard-to-cam. A great feature of the Dyna-Sync is the Slidable Cam. The upper cam section slides back and forth in a “non-step” action to adjust the cam-turning radius. A larger turning radius provides for a more linear motion between footboard and beater, resulting in a more dynamic, non-linear motion. This allows the pedal to completely personalized to your foot and playing style and therefore making you play your BEST!

Other notable features about this pedal are the Footboard Angle Adjustment, which is exactly as it sounds. Prefer your footboard a little more elevated? Sure, easy done. Want it slightly lower? That’s cool too. Despite being a completely separate from the “cobra” family, the Dyna-Sync pedal comes fitted with a new “Sync-Coil”, which is essentially a 1.5 heavier gauge steel spring which assists in the return of the footboard to the original position giving the pedal a familiar quick response. It’s fitted with a Hinge Guard Block, which is a redesign that comes as a two-piece assembly for mimizing stress and maximizing smoothness. Spring is adjusted via the Swivel Spring Tight mechanism and Speedo-Ring making this pedal as smooth as the bonnet of a Porsche. The Para-Clamp II gives sturdier grip to the bass drum hoop for maximum stability. Finally it comes complete with a black felt Dyna Beater (two for the double-pedal) and it’s own pedal case, or “hoose” as we say in Glasgow.

So there you have it! If you’re in the market for a direct-drive pedal and want to be down with what’s cool and hip these days…Dyna-Sync is where it’s at! Grab yourself one right HERE

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