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Product Spotlight- Vic Firth American Classic NE1 – Mike Johnston Signature Sticks

It’s no secret that Mike Johnston is fast becoming, if he isn’t already, one of the true drumming icons of our generation.

The smooth talking, “Matcha” drinking (No, we hadn’t heard of it either, you’ll have to Google it), seriously gifted groove monster is loved the world over by musicians of all levels, purely down to the fact that his theoretical knowledge of music is quite simply, astonishing.

For those of you that don’t know who he is, and believe us, once you discover Mike and his ever popular Mikes Drum Lessons website and social network, you will be hooked. As a side note, once you’re on his Youtube channel you’ll fall into a rabbit hole of videos that are funny, enagaging and so worthy of being on the pedestal that they currently sit on.

Vic Firth American Classic NE1

Mikes latest venture, alongside the guys at Vic Firth, was to create a drumstick for those who are struggling to find the “perfect pair” Maybe you’re stick is too back-heavy and you struggle to get a good rebound, or its too front-heavy and slowing you down?

Mike’s goal in working with the expert craftsmen at Vic Firth was to create a stick that could get you developing your skill behind the kit. Mike pored over every design choice possible to find the perfect tip, taper, length, diameter, material, and overall performance that would combine to make the best possible stick to leave you with no excuses to progressing on your drumming journey.

With a diameter between a 5A and 5B, this stick will feel instantly comfortable for any number of musical application. The longer taper offers an impressive balance and just enough response to ensure the stick isn’t getting in your way. The modified barrel tip offers great response and a focused yet slightly darker cymbal sound. And to top it all off, its made with premium USA Hickory that you would expect from a Vic Firth Amercian Classic drumstick.

These are not a spot production, never to be seen again, type of product. These are here to stay, and with the feedback being received all from around the globe upon the launch of these drumsticks, it’s easy to see why.

People aged from 12 to 80 are waxing lyrical about these sticks all over social media.

You never know, buy a pair and tag Mike in your Instagram story, he may give you a mention!

Vic Firth NE1 Drum Stick

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