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Snareweights – All aboard the snare gain-train!

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Behold, the internets favourite drum dampener!

Only second to “The Wallet” or as Ben Thatcher of Royal Blood once did, “The Shoe”. Seriously, he taped his shoe to a floor tom. Not sure how it sounded, but it was all for the gram…and the vibe.

Vibe is within the fabric of Snareweight. Lets be honest, they’re pretty great. So if you’ve never used one before and been curious of what makes them so popular, here’s the skinny…

Originating from South San Francisco, CA in a small analogue studio in 2009, crafted from a square piece of solid brass. It’s designed to magnetically attach onto the hoop, fitted with a small leather excerpt to help shape the sound of any drum it’s attached onto. The high frequency unwanted ring is shaped by the chosen insert. After numerous testing phases they’ve upgraded to their 5th version of the Snareweight..and it looks KILLER! They now also offer a Pro-Lock variant designed for Die-Cast hoops. In the constant testing phase with the original Snareweight, they brought out a few others to join the party…

To further enrich the sound-dampening qualities of the original Snareweight, you can add additional 70’s inserts, fitted with magnets onto the existing Snareweight #5 or Pro-Lock. These inserts give the snare that vintage 70’s fat sound – not just a clever name! In addition to the 70’s inserts, they brought out the M80; a complete version of the 70’s insert without the solid brass but attaches onto the hoop of the snare in a similar magnetic fashion with the option of being able to be folded to make smaller. Recently they released the little brother of the M80 – The M1. It’s essentially an already folded up variant of the M80, perfect for when you need only a touch of control.

Having used Snareweights for a few weeks now, I really love the combinability and versatility of all the products. Recently the band I perform with played in one of “those” venues. High ceilings, laminate floor, band set up next to windows, essentially a room absolutely NOT designed for drums. I didn’t have any other dampening agents…apart from a collection of Snareweights. I had a Snareweight #5 with 70’s inserts on my snare, an M1 on my rack tom and an M80 on my floor tom. Job done. It gave the drums much more control in an unfriendly room and made the whole night much less hassle for myself, the band and all the guests in attendance. Brilliant! They’re versatile, they look great but most importantly they WORK. No residue left on the drum common in other forms of dampening and wouldn’t look out of place in the living room (or cigarette pack if you’re that way inclined). We have all variations in stock at both Glasgow & Leeds so if you’re in the market for a less sticky dampening solution, these might be the droids you’re looking for!

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