Top 5 Dennis Chambers Performances!

Happy Birthday Dennis Chambers!

We take a look back into drumming history and put together 5 of our FAVOURITE Dennis Chamber performances. Let’s go!!

“Legendary” Drum Solo – 1998

We’re kicking this off with a flavour of what Dennis is capable of. This drum solo from 1998 is nothing short of SENSENATIONAL.

“Liz & Opie” (PASIC 2018)

This features Dennis performing with Victor Wooten and Bob Franceschini, playing Liz & Opie from the Trypnotyx album. The synergy between the three is astounding, and the playing from Dennis is phenomenal!

“Cissy Strut” Drum Solo (David Letterman, 2011)

What we love about David Letterman is that he always gave the drummer a chance to shine, and Dennis was no different! Just wait til the solo kicks in. Those Paradiddles are INSANE!

1989 Buddy Rich Memorial Concert

A much younger man in 1989, Dennis plays exceptional tribute to the late, great Buddy Rich, all while demonstrating his incredible technique and flare Dennis became famous for. You should watch this, for his hairstyle alone!

“Loose Screws” By Dennis Chamers & Ghost-Note (Zildjian Live 2020)

2020 was a mixed bag, but it gave us this simply jaw-dropping performance from Dennis. We felt it appropriate to round out our picks with a recent performance, to show that even after a long career…Dennis still GOT IT!

Of course, there are many, MANY great performances from Dennis across his lustrious career. From his many clinics and unforgettable live performances, he’s inspired thousands of drummers to pick up sticks. A true inspiration and innovater.

Which performance from Dennis is your favourite? Let us know down below!

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One thought on “Top 5 Dennis Chambers Performances!

  1. Ian Walters says:

    Dennis’ Buddy Rich performance is one of my all time favourites. I was a big David Lee Roth fan at the time, and enjoyed Gregg Bissonette’s work with Maynard Ferguson, but was taken aback at the way Dennis outplayed him at every – every – opportunity. Gregg tickled the drums whilst Dennis pummelled. It was an utter joy to behold…

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