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Yamaha DTX6 Series Electronic Drum Kits – Shout Out To My 6K-X!

Introducing the Yamaha DTX6 Series! The next evolution of Yamaha Electronic Drum Kits is here with its three kits: DTX6K-X, DTX6K2-X & DTX6K3-X. Let’s go!!

The DTX6 Series of electronic drums is the new mid-range gladiator for the Yamaha electronic kit range and serves as a replacement to the popular DTX500 series. “Replacement” is definitely the wrong word. Put it like this: If the 500 series was the Chrysalis, the DTX6 is a fully evolved Butterfly. Although it can’t fly, what it CAN do is pretty extraordinary. It all starts with the module…

The beating heart of the DTX6 is the all-new DTX-PRO Trigger Module. It offers a completely unique audio experience and features samples recorded in the finest studios in Europe, utilising Yamaha’s extensive and expansive catalogue of drums. Incredible sounding samples are one thing, but the host of studio effects that can be sprinkled on top is another universe entirely, and the PRO Module makes it super easy so you can tailor sounds to your EXACT needs.

The three Kit Modifier dials on the front make for a nice subtle nod to the EAD10, meaning you don’t have to deep-dive through several menus to adjust and tweak the sounds to your liking. Yes, it features training functions, internal click track and all the rest of it, but where I think it REALLY shines is from a recording perspective…

Many drummers these days prefer using their Electronic Kits as MIDI controllers for more freedom with their own samples and use of studio effects, but with the DTX6 you really don’t need to! The DTX-PRO Module contains ultra-powerful processing power. It allows for individual EQ and use of studio effects such as Transient on EVERY channel. You can adjust and tailor each sound individually to create some truly unique sounding kits without the need of a computer and allows for over 90 minutes of on-board recording.

It does have the capacity for being connected to your computer if you so desire and has compatibility with the Rec’n’Share app so you can record straight to your phone or tablet. You can also add up to 1,000 of your own samples, and up to four sounds can be layered on each pad zone. Essentially you could have four sounds being triggered from ONE pad. BONKERS! The DTX-PRO module can do a lot, but how does it feel to play? Well, that’s really up to you…

The DTX6 Series offers three uniquely configured kits, all of which come with the DTX-Pro Module. The DTX6K-X is the lightest weight of the new DTX range, it features familiar pads from the 500 series such as the XP80 Snare-Pad, KP65 Kick-Pad, PCY135 Cymbal Pad and the TP70 Tom-Pads. The Hi-Hat is controlled via the HH65 HiHat Controller with accompanying PCY90 mounted from the DTX6 Rack System. A Key feature of DTX6K-X that resonates through the whole range is the Positional Sensing Ride Cymbal. The sound of the ride cymbal will naturally transition depending on where you stick it, making it feel even and react just like a real cymbal would!

The DTX6K-X would be the ideal choice for an aspiring beginner, music producer, teaching in-person and online or as a low footprint practice kit for a bedroom or small flat situation. Looks sturdy, feels familiar to play and has all the incredible benefits of the DTX-PRO Module, too! However, The DTX6K2-X & DTX6K3-X in my opinion are where this kit REALLY shines…

The key differences for the DTX6K2-X & 3-X are first, the all-new the INCREDIBLE KP90 Kick Pad, which comes as standard with both of these kits. The KP90 has a lower natural pitch than most regular electronic kick-pads, making it extremely quiet and ideal for home practise without disturbing others. FEAR NOT METAL PLAYERS, the KP90 is big enough for a double pedal too!

The Hi-Hat has been upgraded to the RHH135 Hi-Hat Pad, complete with its own Yamaha Hi-Hat Stand for realistic feel and optimum positioning. The DTX6K2-X & 3-X feature the all-new RS6 Rack. This rack places the model to the right-hand side thanks to the three-leg design. This gives the player almost complete freedom for positioning of their hi-hat and bass drum for maximum comfort to play their best!

The DTX6K2-X features the same TP70 tom pads found on the DTX6K-X model, but the DTX6K3-X features all textured silicone pads in the form of XP70 Tom-Pads for maximum durability and unrivalled realistic feel. The DTX6K3-X gives the player the full extent of what the new DTX6 range is capable of and it really is remarkable.

The phrase “It really does feel like playing an acoustic kit” is thrown around a lot when it comes to Electronic Drum Kits, but I really mean it when I say that the DTX6 is like playing a REAL kit. The processing power of the DTX-Pro module is quite incredible, it responds to the smallest taps and the loudest whacks on every pad with pin-point accuracy in terms of tone and dynamics. The low-end is like thunder, and if you closed your eyes you’d think you were playing a real drum kit.

The use of the 500 series makes this kit already familiar, with new life breathed in thanks to the PRO module, and the new KP90 Kick-Pad is a very welcome addition! The DTX6 Series really does offer something for everyone no matter what skill level you’re at, heck it’s worth for the module ALONE. Well done Yamaha, another INCREDIBLE kit available to spoil us!

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