Yamaha EAD10 – The Future??

Yamaha EAD10 – The Future??

Since it’s inception in 2018, The Yamaha EAD10 promised to revolutionize the way drummers approach and think about the concept of hybrid drumming. Not only that but take the integration of electronics and acoustic drums to the next level in ways only the techsperts at Yamaha could. So does it live up to the expectation and hype? Well…YES!!! In more ways than one, actually. Here’s why…

The Yamaha EAD10 is an electronic drum module that transforms your acoustic drum kit into an powerful digital/electronic hybrid set by allowing you to sample studio quality effects and sounds as well as amplifying your acoustic kit and record your own performance from your library of music or your own creations. It’s basically the best thing since sliced bread. The module works in tandom with a Sensor, which attaches to your bass drum. The module can be positioned anywhere within your set up for easy access and control throughout your practice/performance sessions. Once the sensor and module are in place, the bass drum activates a trigger within the sensor and the built-in stereo microphones records your sounds from the ENTIRE kit. Yes, the ENTIRE kit. From there you can add effects and alter sounds. The finished sounds can be heard via headphones or PA or even sent to a USB device like a laptop or smartphone.

This system is INCREDIBLY user friendly and almost impossible not to set up correctly. Within the module is 50 preset sounds, with 200 user scenes to choose from and over 750 built-in samples (or 100 of your own sounds). You can also customize your own drum sounds and create a set up completely unique to you. My favourite part of the whole thing is the app that accompanies it. The Rec’N’Share app flawlessly integrates with the module allowing you to record video AND audio all from your smartphone. It literally gives you the opportunity to be come the Instagram drummer you’ve always wanted to be!

The EAD10 is amazing for the social-media aspect, but INCREDIBLE for performance purposes too! Gone are the days where you need a separate box of microphones, over nine-thousand XLR cables and a separate triggering module (with even MORE cables!). The EAD10 is quite literally Plug and play. Job done. Your drums will sound immense with a fraction of the effort and space. Convinced? Good, you should be! Everyone is using it, right up to the pros out on the road. One of which we have coming to see us. Simon Edgoose.

Simon Edgoose Image

On June 26th in Leeds and June 27th in Glasgow Simon Edgoose is bringing his Yamaha EAD10 Headphone Sessions experience to us. Each person in attendance (limited to 30) will be given a set of headphones and will be able to hear EXACTLY what’s being played note for note by Simon via the EAD10. You’ll be able to see the module used at it’s fullest potential by one of the most intelligent men and badass drummers on the planet. If you’ve not got tickets yet and either own or are on the fence about buying an EAD10 then this is the exact event for you!

Grab yourself tickets to an EAD Headphone Sessions event near you right HERE

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