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4 Products To Add EXCITEMENT To Your Gigs!

The gigs are clogging up our diaries once more, the cases are loaded into our cars, and we’re all set to go!

At our last gig (or rehearsal) we sat there looking around our kit, quite content, looking at the trusty ol’ snare drum, our ride cymbal, pride of place wedged in between the rack and floor tom, the dusty, discoloured, helpless blobs of Moongel that you’re not sure if you put them on your heads last year, or the year before that, or, you might question if it even is Moongel? Could potentially be a bit of buffet food from a wedding you played 3 years ago?….

You may be looking around at your kit, feeling at peace knowing you’ve spent good time and money getting everything right. But why not change it up a bit!? Why not go against the grain a little and spice up your drum life?

Here are 4 Products that will add an extra sound, look or feel to your kit!

TruVibes Floor Tom Isolation

Now these are REALLY cool. Such a cheesy statement, however. If you head over to your drum set, RIGHT NOW, and hit your floor tom – Sounds good right? You’ve tuned it to perfection and its got the growl and low end of excellence.

However, now pick your up floor tom by the hoop with one hand and hit it, you should now be able to suddenly hear a lot more resonance from the drum. Try it again, hit it on the floor, then pick it up and A-B the 2 sounds.

What happens is, your floor tom legs, in MOST cases wont be able to carry the true vibration of the drum and will essentially choke out. Some higher end drum kit manufacturers have introduced floor tom legs to combat this, but to save the pennies, this product works wonders!

The TrueVibes Foor Tom Isolation Pack will- 

  • Improve volume and projection of your floor tom and prevent premature sound decay
  • Eliminate the transfer of vibrations from your floor tom to the floor (which chokes sustain and sound)
  • Increase dynamic range and response of your drum allowing you to you hear the best sound from your drum

Also available for your snare or rack tom if you’re mounting your tom into a snare basket.


Gruv-X X-Click

Ever fancied just kicking back and playing something a little more low key. You’ve smashed out a set of the hardest songs, but you now you want to make a coffee, dim the lights and just groove using a crosstick. The X-Click By Gruv-X will add that ultimate wood-esque cross stick sound that we all search for.

The X-Click by Gruv-X is a revolutionary snare drum accessory that offers additional volume and boosted low-frequencies to your cross-stick sound. This helps the cross-stick tone project with consistency while boosting the overall sound. The hybrid formula of 24-plies of American rock maple and copper provides exceptional durability and sturdiness. They are also extremely compact in size, making a perfect addition to any drummers’ bag.

The ‘Mono Mount’ is a proprietary mount that is supplied and installed onto the X-Click and works on drums of all sizes. Whether you are rocking out a 15’’ 8-lug snare or a small and compact 10’’ 6-lug snare, the ‘Mono Mount’ will ensure reliable and consistent performances.

Tuner Fish Lug Locks

Tuner Fish is a brand that will provide you with so many options for your kit. Whether it is for tuning aids, adding a splash of colour with their coloured cymbal felts, or drying your hands with the Tuner Fish Towel!

But we want to talk about the Lug Locks– These are small, innovative fish-shaped lug locks with a star-shaped cavity to grip the tuning rod. This allows the ‘tail’ of the fish to rest against your hoop, locking it in place safely. You can even attach the Tuner Fish Lug Locks to the resonant side if you add the Tuner Fish Secure Band.

Available in a whole host of sizes from a 4 pack, right up to 50, these are a top choice for keeping your drums in tune, for good!

Yamaha EAD10

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you would have heard all about the Yamaha EAD10

If you haven’t heard of it, then your days of balancing a phone upon some books with distorted audio are now a thing of the past.

This is the ultimate bit of gear you will need and you can do so many things with it! The main purpose is to film and record yourself with amazing audio. Offering a range of editing options from ambiance and reverb to adding on some insane sounds to your kit, for example, the “Gate Kit” setting, which gives you the proper 80s Phil-Collins-Esque, gated tom sounds. You’ll be searching for “Easy Lover” on a streaming service of your choice immediately.

Also suitable for live use, and ditching drum mics once and for all!

The EAD10 is revolutionary and will change your Youtube drumming career instantly.

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