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CrossTown, CrossCountry, CrossWORLD! – Yamaha Crosstown Hardware

I guess it’s time to admit, the folks at Yamaha drums are pretty damn smart. I’ve always felt them to be a company that creates instruments or technology with “Average Joe” working drummers always at the forefront of their minds. Their recent inventions like the EAD10 has completely eliminated the worry for us to look into different microphones or trigger modules and combined it into one simple to use small (and cheaper) package. It was then that Yamaha turned their attention towards making our lives easier before we’ve even set up the kit.

What’s the heaviest element of any drummers rig? The HARDWARE. The trunk that holds it goes by many names; Coffin, Body-bag, Death Bag due to the sheer weight and hassle that’s involved getting the thing from A to B and all things inbetween (yes, I’m talking stairs). So with the announcement of Yamahas Crosstown Hardware, those of us with heavy hardware and broken backs were both delighted and dubious, could hardware that collectively weighs 7kg really be THAT impressive? The short answer is yes and that you should just buy it like RIGHT NOW, but I get paid to write a blog so…

The Yamaha Crosstown Hardware is their Advanced Lightweight Hardware, which is the result of some deep research and development from communicating with drummers all over the world and a team of lead designers in order to manufacture the lightest hardware possible that still maintains enough strength and durability to withstand not only regular use, but by drummers performing ANY style of music. From Jazz to Metal this hardware could withstand the heaviest hitters and equipment and still out-perform many of the competition. So, how is it so light?!

It’s made from Aluminium which allows the stands to be 25-34% lighter compared to standard hardware. This allows it to be portable while remaining study enough to handle cymbals of any size and weight. It’s also finished with a fingerprint and scuff-resistant stain that never oxidizes allowing it to always look and work amazingly well no matter what. The tubing from the hardware is also cross compatible with other Yamaha hardware allowing you to expand your options. Within the set is a Hi-Hat stand, a Snare stand and TWO Straight Cymbal Stands, which are all also available as individuals out with the set. Now here’s the crazy part. The whole set weighs in at 7kg. Whaaaaaaaat?! To put that in perspective, a standard hi-hat stand and snare stand in a bag weigh roughly 9kg combined…

The set comes with a handy carry bag that also has enough wiggle room to fit your throne and pedal meaning you can take all your hardware LITERALLY in one hand. Who’d have thought we would live in a world like that one day?! Add in a couple of extra stands and you’ve got yourself a fully compact lightweight rig that Neil Peart would be jealous of! It’s seriously wonderful and extremely reliable so do yourself (and your back) a favour and pick some up NOW!

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