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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! – Ludwig 110th Anniversary Black Beauty Snares

I think this might have been the first drum in a LONG time that’s truly taken my breath away. From the moment of taking it out the box it already felt like I was holding a truly special piece in my hands (giggity). Once these drums arrived in stores they took social media by storm. Instagram broke, Twitter went into meltdown, Facebook…was still over run by cute dogs and Boris Johnston but I SAW AT LEAST ONE POST ABOUT IT. I’m talking of course about the Ludwig 110th Anniversary Black Beauty.

It’s fair to say that the Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum is probably the most famous snare drum in the world. It’s featured on countless recordings and used by numerous artists live all around the world (even by artists endorsed by other companies but SHH!!) due to how well these drums are manufactured. They have “THAT” snare sound, but it had to start somewhere. First manufactured in the 1920’s by brothers William F and Theo Ludwig. After multiple variations with logos and lugs, the raw material and manufacturing as stayed true. A black nickel-plated spun brass shell. So,to celebrate their 110th Anniversary, Ludwig decided to re-release the original Black Beauty to it’s original spec making it a true collectors item. It’s STUNNING…

That deserves a two syllable DAYUM! Just look at how smart that is. If Robert De Niro was a snare drum, THIS is what he’d be. Everything about this drum screams CLASS, a vintage vibe with modern overtones. This particular version includes the original single-flanged hoops giving the drum a unique aesthetic and wide open resonance. It’s an 8-lug snare with tube lugs as well for some serious retro vibes. Speaking of hardware, it’s GOLD! The taste of it, the smell of it, the teexture..I LOVE GOLD! It features an updated Brass P88 Throw-Off for maximum reliability and durability. The snare also comes with a pretty snazzy Anniversary Model Snare Bag to carry it around and make sure it’s safe from gig to gig AND a certificate of authenticity!

Currently as of writing this we have the 14x5in AND the 14×6.5in variations in stock awaiting two lucky souls to take the plunge on so grab yourself one of these legendary drums HERE

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