Drummers Only Radio #29 – Steve White

Steve White is a LEGEND!

His career started early in his life and he joined The Style Council at 17 years old. After The Style Council, he was Paul Weller’s drummer of choice from around 1989 – mid 2000s.

He has played with a variety of artists from Oasis, The Who, The Stereophonics, to appearing at both Live Aid and Live 8. He has been a clinician throughout his career from Premier, Zildjian, Yamaha and more and during his time with Premier, he helped design drums such as the Modern Classic range and even helped design drums with the legendary Johnny Cravitto.

In 2018 Steve presented and worked on the award winning TV series The Art of Drumming for Sky Arts which won the prestigious RTS Award and the best documentary at the Venice TV festival. 2019 saw the release of 11th Hour with Sheffield duo Chris Hague and Joel White and as Hague and White the trio contributed to the highly acclaimed TV series Cold Call. Also in 2019 Steve took part in the 20th Annual Freddie Gee drum camp featuring Craig Blundell.

We had to know more, so we interviewed Steve for our podcast!

Please enjoy!

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