#InternationalWomen’sDay – The Ladies Of Drumming!

In celebration of #InternationalWomensDay, we round up five of the most empowering and inspiring ladies of drumming!

Anika Nilles

Anika built a name for herself during the YouTube boom of 2013. Her concepts for grooves and interesting compositional ideas brought her to the forefront of many drummers! Anika performed as part of our “Drummers Only Day Out” event in 2018, a performance that many of our customers regard as their favourite performance from a drummer of all time!

Sarah Thawer

If you frequent around any drumming social media, chances are you’ve seen a video or two of Sarah Thawer. Her enthusiastic energy and incredible rhythmic flow grabbed the attention of many brands and industry pros alike. From picking up the sticks at aged 2 to suddenly finding herself surrounded by Sheila.E, Ghostnote and many others, Sarah is certainly a drummer to watch!

Nikki Glaspie

Perhaps one of the most entertaining and talented drummers we’ve ever seen, Nikki ticks all the boxes in terms of style and groove. With Nikki’s unique vibe and tremendous energy, it’s no surprise that she found herself in the chair for artists such as Beyonće. Best grab your most outrageous stank-face, because Nikki is guaranteed to fire you up!

Taylor Gordon (The Pocket Queen)

If you’re looking for a drummer that embodies “Pocket”, meet Taylor Gordon. The Instagram sensation and Berklee graduate Taylor has gone from playing the drums on her fathers “Fischer Price” drum kit, to playing for multiple major artists such as Fifth Harmony, Beyonće, Michelle Williams and found herself in the seat for the 8G Band on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Phenomenal player, with phenomenal “Pocket”

Cindy Blackman

Empowering, ambitious, innovator, many words that describe Cindy Blackman. Perhaps the best way to sum up Cindy Blackman is to just watch…

The drumming industry has no shortage of empowering, talented, and innovative ladies who constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible and continue to inspire.

Which drummer empowers you the most? Let us know down below!

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