Three Brass Snare Drums PERFECT For Rock Music!

We’ve picked out three awesome brass snare drums that are sure to get you ROCKIN’!

Brand new for 2020 – Mapex have released a whole new range of their best selling Black Panther Snare Drums.  There are 14 new drums and every one of them has been reconceived and redesigned from the ground up, with careful attention paid to retaining the character of this much loved series, whilst at the same time introducing new shell features, sizes and materials that deliver an irresistible blend of tone, power and control.

The Metallion sets a new standard for brass snares. The warm and centered characteristics of the seamed brass shell focus the sound with just the right amount of sensitive bite.

Yamaha Recording Custom 13×6.5in Brass Snare

The Yamaha 13×6.5in in Recording Custom Brass Snare Drum includes a handful of special features that set it apart from just another steel drum. The center bead along the equator of the shell is fixed on the outside to give the drum more openness and fullness. A heavy-duty Q-type strainer gives you smooth, stable snare action and it just feels solid.

There’s also a 14×5.5in AND 14×6.5in versions of this snare drum!

Sonor Benny Greb 13×5.75in Brass Signature Snare Drum – BG SDB 2.0

10 years after the extremely successful collaboration with Benny Greb on his Signature Snare, the Benny Snare has not just been updated, but skillfully updated by the man himself. This all new snare has a 1.2mm 13”x 5.75” Brass shell finished with a vintage patina, Vintage Series teardrop lugs, and the super smooth Dual Glide snare strainer. This new drum also features a pair of the new “Monorail” internal dampening systems.

Out of the box, one of the systems comes outfitted with a felt dampener and the other a soft sheepskin dampener. The sound possibilities with this innovative muffling system make this snare the most versatile instrument on the market. The Monorail system also allows the dampeners to be interchanged-opening endless possibilities to customize the drums sonic characteristics.

We put together a video featuring all three of these snare drums. We’re struggling to choose our favourite, they all sound INCREDIBLE!

Which snare drum is your favourite? Let us know down below!

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