Drummers Only Radio #41 – Kaz Rodriguez – Finding Your Voice

How do you quantify progression as a drummer?

Is it the countless hours of practice? Learning all the artist material? Staying humble and welcoming to any new experiences and people you encounter? Well, Kaz Rodriguez would say it’s all of the above.

Kaz Rodriguez is a drummer, producer, composer and educator. He could be defined as the “drummer for the stars”, with gigs such as Josh Groban, Chakka Khan, Jessie Ware & Disciples under his belt. Throughout his career so far, Kaz has successfully let his voice be heard through performances, a trait he has since passed to his Drumeo & private students. He believes finding your own voice on the drums is key to unlocking your full potential as a musician. Kaz has also been involved in sound design for them TM-6 Pro from Roland as well as composing 5 of his own studio albums, with tracks used by the likes of Anika Niles, Chris Coleman, Arron Spears & others.

We had to know more, so we sat down to talk with Kaz on our podcast. We talked about his progresson as a drummer, working with bigger artists, and the importance of finding your voice behind the drums.

Please enjoy!

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