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New Meinl Cymbals 2022!

It’s that time of year again where we get a look at the new gear arriving for the new year. Meinl is kicking things off with expanding select lines within their Byzance range, along with new Pure Alloy/Pure Alloy Custom and Artist Concept additions, rounding out with some pretty nifty little trinkets.

Meinl Byzance 2022

Byzance Traditional Series Polyphonic Crashes

blog b20poc lifestyle 02

Meinl has taken their incredibly popular Byzance Traditional 21in Polyphonic Ride and launched some new crash cymbal brethren to expand the line! Now available within the Polyphonic range is an 18in Polyphonic Crash, a 19in Polyphonic Crash and a 20in Polyphonic Crash.

Just like the cymbal that birthed the Polyphonic range, these crashes share the thin edges and thicker, unlatched bells of their predecessor. They offer quick, explosive projection and quickly disperse into a softer, yet intense roar. The unlathed bell creates a powerful, penetrating attack when struck and allow the line to reach peak volume. Not for the faint of heart, or ears.

Byzance Traditional 18” Polyphonic Crash by Meinl Cymbals

Meinl Byzance Traditional 19” Polyphonic Crash

Meinl Byzance Traditional 20” Polyphonic Crash

Byzance Traditional Series Extra Thin Hammered Crash

blog b19ethc lifestyle 01

Meinl Byzance Traditional 19” Extra Thin Hammered Crash by Meinl Cymbals

To complement another best-selling sub-genre of Byzance Traditional, Meinl now offers a 19in Extra Thin Hammered Crash to bridge the gap between the 18in & 20in versions currently available. They made for a huge sonic impact, with an intense burst of attack that slowly dissipates into a shallow low rumble, sure to add some dynamic expression to any situation

Byzance Dual Series Trash China

blog b18dutrch lifestyle 09

Meinl Byzance Dual 18” Trash China by Meinl Cymbals

Since the conception of the Byzance Dual range, players have been screaming out for a China cymbal within the range that offers more response, shorter sustain and quick, decay. Well, Meinl listened and created the Byzance Dual 18in Trash China Cymbal!

Byzance Vintage 20in Sand Thin Crash 

b20satc lifestyle 01
b20satc lifestyle 03

Meinl Byzance Vintage 20” Benny Greb Sand Thin Crash

Meinl Artists Benny Greb has been back in the Meinl “Beats Laboratory” (working title) and created a new addition to his tremendously popular Sand series, part of the Byzance Vintage family. The 20in Sand Thin Crash overs a dark tone with short, trashy sustain – it’s modern, it’s big and it’s full of Benny G flavour!

Of course, that’s not all Benny cooked up with Meinl – he also had the help of some friends creating new toys for us all!

Artist Concept Models

To expand the Artist Concept line, Meinl has worked with some of the most exciting artists in the industry and together have concocted some new sounds for us to experiment with. Benny Greb brings us 6in Crasher Hats, previously only available as an 8in

Matt Garstka brings TWO concept models to the table – The 8/10in Temporal 1 Stack, 10/10in Temporal 2 stack

Meinl Artist Concept Model 8”/10” Matt Garstka Temporal Stack 1

Meinl Artist Concept Model 10”/10” Matt Garstka Temporal Stack 2

Finally, Luke Holland brings us the 10/12in Baby Stack, not to be confused with Baby Shark

ac baby lifestyle 09 blog

Pure Alloy/Pure Alloy Custom

More and more drummers are adding Pure Alloy/Pure Alloy Custom to their cymbal rig, and Meinl have some pretty rad offerings to expand their range!

blog pa17mc lifestyle 02

Pure Alloy 17in Medium Crash Cymbal

Pure Alloy Custom 17in Medium Thin Crash Cymbal

Pure Alloy Custom 16in & 18in Medium Crash Cymbals

Pure Alloy Custom 18in Medium Heavy Crash Cymbal

The Pure Alloy/Pure Alloy Custom ranges are now available for the first time ever as Cymbal Packs! The Pure Alloy pack features 14in Medium Hats, 16in Medium Crash and 20in Medium Ride, while the Pure Alloy Custom pack features 14in Medium Thin Hats, 18in Medium Thin Crash and 20in Medium Thin Ride!

Marshmallow Practice Pads

Meinl encourage quiet practice. Be it during rehearsals or when you can’t sleep at night, Meinl have made the ultra-low volume practice solution with the inception of the Marshmallow Practice Pads.

Available in 6in and 12in sizes, these practice pads have a super thick, specially formulated foam surface letting you build muscle at a low-volume wherever you go! The underside is offered in three finishes, Black, Orange or Sea Foam and is equipped with an 8mm thread insert – perfect for mounting the pad on a cymbal stand should you need it! Light weight practice pad stand also available!

A few other additions include the new 22in Carbon Ripstop Cymbal Bag, Drum Honey Slab, Heavy Cymbal Bacon, Drum Tech Kit and Byzance Drum Key in the new Antique Tin Finish!

We’re excited to get our Meinl on for 2022 – we hope you are too!

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