New Paiste 900 Series

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Fresh off the Paiste lathe, comes the 900 series. For this range, Paiste have taken their coveted 2002 bronze a step further and brought a line of cymbals that they say have ‘flexibility’ which ‘redifines value’.

The range is a simple – 3 ride options, 2 crash options, 2 sets of hi hats, a china and a splash.

The rides are defined as ‘Ride’, ‘Heavy’ and ‘Mega’ with the weight ranging from Medium Heavy to Extra Heavy and with a dynamic range to match. These cymbals are not for the faint of heart. Bright, open, articulate with a magic bell across all three. The Ride and The Heavy Ride come in both 20″ and 22″ cymbals and the Mega is sold as a 24″.
The crashes are fairly simple and are characterised as “Crash” and “Heavy Crash”. They range from 16″ right through to 20″ and are perfect if you want a bright, open and clean sound with warm undertones.

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The Chinas are everything you’d expect them to be – dark, trashy, attacking and loud. 14″, 16″ and 18″ be the size options – more than enough to get you rocking. The Splash is the perfect additon – wether it be the 10″ or 12″ – either wil be explosive with a quick decay, bright, and full bodied with a well rounded sound.

Overall these cymbals are a welcome return to bright, open projective cymbals that will aid most pop and rock settings in equal measure. But don’t take our word for – come and try them!