NEW Sonor AQX Entry-Level Drum Kits!

If you want to make something cool, add an X to it. The rebel alliance flew around in X-Wings, Charles Xavier led the X-Men, and Sonor have released their new AQX kit. It’s pretty amazing – Have a listen for yourself…

“It has never been this easy to start your Sonor Journey” according to Sonor and we couldn’t agree more! The AQX by Sonor is their new affordable entry-level kit, perfect for any budding drummer to begin their quest for groove. The kit is made from 100% poplar shells and come fitted with features present on high-end Sonor drums such as TuneSafe lugs and Pre-Muffled Bass Drum Heads. The Stage & Studio configurations come with everything you need to get started, including the new Sonor 1000 hardware and B8 cymbals. Speaking of configurations…

Typically entry-level kits come with one or two configuration options and a couple of different finish options. In a typical German “Hold my beer…” fashion, Sonor released the AQX in FIVE different configurations, with three stunning sparkle finish options available.

Alongside the more conventional five-piece AQX Stage Set (10in Tom, 12in Tom, 16in Floor Tom, 22in Bass Drum & 14in Snare) and AQX Studio Set (10in Tom, 12in Tom, 14in Tom, 20in Bass Drum & 14in Snare), Sonor added three compact kit configurations, offered as four-piece shell packs.

The compact sets draw inspiration to Sonor kits of years gone by, with the AQX Jazz (12x8in Tom, 14x13in Floor Tom, 18x14in Bass Drum & 13x6in Snare), AQX Jungle (10x7in Tom, 13x12in Floor Tom, 16x15in Bass Drum & 13x6in Snare) and AQX Micro (8x7in Tom, 13x12in Floor Tom, 14x13in Bass Drum & 13x6in Snare), which feature the same poplar shells as their five-piece brethren.

These compact have some exclusive features such as the CTH 4000 Cymbal/Tom Holder & natural maple bass drum hoops.

Finishes available across the AQX range include Black Midnight Sparkle, Blue Ocean Sparkle and Red Moon Sparkle, so the expansion options are pretty extensive regardless of which configuration you ultimately settle on.

What we’ve always loved about Sonor here at Drummers Only is there overwhelming passion to encourage drummers to play their absolute best. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new or returning player, young or old, Sonor have always worked tirelessly to create instruments that inspire drummers, and the AQX is the perfect example of that.

For a full list of all the kits available, click here

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