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Red, Black or Blue, Mr Glass?: Evans Hydraulic Drum Heads

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Tired of the scenario where your dampening gel has lost the stickiness? Or you’ve used a years supply of Gaffa tape all over your drums to take away the overtones of your brand new snare? Don’t you just wish there was a drum head on the market that could do all the muffling and more to make a consistent tone and sound amazing? Evans have a solution for you, a colourful one! It comes in the form of the Evans Hydraulic Drum Heads.

Evans Hydraulic Heads are the only drum head on the market filled with oil. The heads themselves are 2-ply with a thin layer of oil sandwiched between the two plys. The inclusion of oil allows less vibration between the two plies, completely dries the head out. This allows for a consistent sound without harsh overtones. Drums fitted with these heads will have a short sustain coupled with a deep and overall fat tone, bringing out the fundamental sound of the drum.

These heads sound incredible on toms, but for me where this head REALLY shines is on a snare drum. Myself, I use a brass snare drum. Brass shells are notoriously much louder than any other metal drum, meaning they’ll also have many irritating overtones that can cause chaos during a sound check or a recording session. The Hydraulic head helps mellow the drum out taking away a lot of the “scream” and leaves a rounded tone. Not only are there pros sonically, these head has amazing benefits for those of us who hit HARD. The 2-ply nature of these heads mean they’ll be much more durable making them great for loud band environments or if you keep breaking heads. They also look good too…

Evans Hydraulic are available in four different colour options: Glass (or, “clear”), Red, Blue and Black. For us Hydraulic Red is the most popular choice as it just looks AMAZING on any drum. Where I can see these heads visually standing out would be on an acrylic drum kit fitted with drum-lites. CAN YOU IMAGINE?! You’d be your OWN lighting engineer. The heads would look incredible. If you’re still not convinced, we have an Evans “trial” area featuring a Hydraulic head so you can come down and try before you buy. Get on it!

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  1. Richard

    What is the difference between red and blue evans snare heads? Red on is only one that says ‘uv’ before it says coated. Why?

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