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It’s fair to say we’ve been hit with a flurry of news off the heels of what I believe to be the best NAMM show yet! Thousands of new products announced, logos reimagined and hangovers well and truly nursed. So what went down? Lets go through it! Strap yersel in…

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DW have added a new wood option for their Collector series of drums. The Pure Almond wood is a hardwood that provides a snappy and bright tone, not to mention look absolutely STUNNING. The 5000 Series pedal is also getting an update packed with modern features such as a lightweight aluminium bass plate, rubber surface and tri-pivot toe clamp. Winner!


Throwing their hat into the silent head ring Evans released their SoundOff drumheads. They’re black mesh drumheads that dramatically reduce the volume of your playing allowing you to play long into the night without upsetting the neighbours. Create your own hybrid style home practice set up and combine these heads with triggers for an electronic setup.


Gretsch released the younger sibling of the USA-made Brooklyn kit in the form of the Brooklyn Micro. Same unique vintage tone as the fan favourite Brooklyn kit, made smaller! Incredible kit for smaller gig and rehearsal situations. Only one configuration exists at the moment with more expansion expected for the future.


2019 marks the 110th Anniversary of Ludwig making drums. As such, they created a line to celebrate such an occasion. 110th Anniversary 8-lugBlack Beauty snare drum made to the original recipe as its debut in the 1920’s. Joining the OG Black Beauty is Heirloom Black Brass Snare, Aged Exotic Avodire Snare and the Rosewood Snare. Also coming out is the re-release of the Super Series snare drums as well as a tone of new finishes for their current line of kits including a Coral Red for the Neusonic kit.


Mapex are rolling out two ne Armory finishes: Emerald Burst and Redwood Burst. These new finishes are a beautiful addition to the Armory Hybrid shell which is constructed of Birch/Maple/Birch, in a 6-ply, 7.2MM thickness. The finishes are stunningly beautiful!!


Meinl brought the THUNDER with the announcement and release of the Byzance Foundry Reserve range. This is a new line of premium, classically-made cymbals focussing on dry attack with a lush wash that look and sound delicious by all accounts. Another notable addition to the percussion range is their Pickup Vertical Subwoofer cajon which features a piezo pickup system to deliver some MEATY bass!


Paiste are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their Signature Range. As such, they have added new Fast crash, Mellow crash and Full and Mellow rides to the range. While some are new, others come in to take place of their older models. Another addition is the monstrous 2002 Extreme Crash. Ain’t no denying the power of this cymbal. HUGE!


Bringing the thunder, Pearl announced new finishes for the Oak Elite Series as well as adding some limited edition Modern Utility Snare Drums as well as some new ICON rack system clamps and accessories. The star of their showcase comes in the form of the new Masters Maple/Gum series of drums. These drums are crafted with the Sonic Select shell recipe allowing them to have incredible presence of low-end with some midrange tones shining through. They sound just as good as they look!


Remo added two new colours in their ColourTone range of drumheads. Purple and Pink to add a great chunk of flare to a live performance. There’s a video of Thomas Lang rocking these guys and they sound HUGE!!! Also added was the External Sub Muff’l. It’s a free-floating bass drum dampening accessory designed to with with bass drum heads that don’t have any external dampening to really beef out the low-end!


THAT LOGO RIGHT?! I’m kidding, I actually really dig it. Who cares if a brand decides its time for a change up? Nobody cared when Pepsi changed their logo. The cymbals still sound great! In addition to the change of logo, they streamlined their AAX line with the addition of a new hammering technique to give the line a revamped and richer sound. Remember, it’s not about how they look, it’s how they SOUND!! From what I hear, they sound even BETTER than before.


Speaking of revamps, Sonor decided to modernize and update their ProLite series kits. They’ve remained pretty untouched since their inception in 2012 but this year they improved the Maple shell construction and added in three delicious glossy finishes. Also added is some contemporary sizes on their bass drums allowing them to fit into ANY gigging situation.


Tama had plenty on display at this year’s show. New Birch/Walnut shell packs, new Superstar shell sizes and finishes for portable gigging setups, an insanely tiny Club Jam Mini kit for busking, incredible budget friendly metalwork snares and a whole lot more! However the “Best in Show” award would go to the long-awaited Tama Dyna-Sync direct drive single and double pedals. Strong enough to build a house on, smooth enough to make you feel like your foot is floating! We’re excited to mess around with this one!


Yamaha announced their live custom replacement in the form of the Live Custom Hybrid Oak series. Brought to us with a sexy mountain range heavy metal promo video, the Hybrid Oak series are constructed using the same 7-ply hybrid shell made the PHX series, as well as receiving refinements to the bass drum for more punch with incredible Uzukari finishes. They also announced a new line of bass drum pedals, the FP9 range. Motorcycle and potentially Autobot inspired, the FP9 bass drum pedal offers a smooth range of motion with features such as weight-adjustable beater, axle-stabilizing bearing chamber for smooth playability, independent beater and footboard angle adjustment, anti-skid heel spikes and a super convenient carrying case. Comes as a Direct Drive or Chain and in Single or a Double.


We’re rounding out our NAMM News with cymbal giants Zildjian. Much of what Zildjian were set to release was announced prior to NAMM which we got to have a nosy at prior to NAMM (we even did a video on them HERE) but they did keep some surprises for us in the form of the FX Stacks series. These stacks come in sizes 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, and 16” pairs and can be stacked traditionally or used as hi-hats to deliver a modern sound. Also introduced was the pro quality in-ear monitors. Fully fitted with premium soft silicone SpinFit ear tips for comfort and a Dual Dynamic Driver so they give a wonderful response no matter what the situation.

So there we have it, all the new goodies announced at winter NAMM 2019. So much to unpack that it took us two whole weeks! Some of the new treats are available for order now so please do get in touch if anything has peaked your interest or you’d like a bit more info. What are you most excited about trying? Let us know!

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