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STICK WARS Episode IV: A New Variation…

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These came in-store a few weeks ago and have divided opinion amongst staff and customer alike in a Civil War fashion as to which one everyone likes better (Dave even put on his Thor costume and was ready for battle). Some of us are in camp DoubleGlaze, others are camp PureGrit. What am I talking about? The new Vic Firth 5a stick variants of course! Let’s get into it and see which side you’re on…

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We’ll start with DoubleGlaze. Not just the best way to have your house windows, the Vic Firth DoubleGlaze sticks are standard VF 5a’s coated with their NEW double glaze lacquer formula. In essence it’s an extra layer of lacquer over the stick which aid grip. Ever had that problem when you first start playing at a rehearsal or gig and your hands struggle to grip the stick properly? Not with these guys. The stick reacts best when your hands are cold and allows additional grip giving your hands the time needed to warm up without having to adjust the way you hold the sticks. No need to worry about these slipping out your hands either as your hand will naturally adjust as they get warmer. The VF DoubleGlaze have been incredibly popular. However, some people like their sticks to have a bit more…grit.

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Vic Firth PureGrit are the exact opposite from their DoubleGlaze variation. They’re of 5a size but the PureGrit sticks have no lacquer what so ever near the stick giving them very dry feel. Back in the day guys would sand all of the glazing off their sticks as some believed it more comfortable to feel the natural wood in their hands when playing for a long time. Vic Firth have got the sander out for you with the PureGrit making them an extremely popular choice for drummers who prefer a little bit more friction between their hands while playing. The idea is that the natural wood absorbs the sweat from your hands when playing for a long time so you don’t need to tense your hands while performing for longer sets. Not everybody enjoys the idea of this as to some drummers they prefer the lacquered finish of a standard drum stick.

With all of that said, which one is the best? To be honest, we’ll let you be the judge of that. Both stick variations are available online and in-store for you to come in and try out. Who’s side are YOU on?!?

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