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Yamaha DTX 400 Series – The Future Is Here!

RELAX…I’m not going to start the debate between acoustic kits and electronic kits nor will I tell you which I have preference to, but I will say this: BOTH serve a purpose. As for which is best for you? That kinda depends on your situation. If you have a small space in your room or live in a small flat with paper-thin walls but still want to practice on what sounds like a “real” kit, electronic would be a GREAT shout. Not only for space, but for quality of audio. The technology and manufacturing of electronic drums has improved significantly since they were first introduced and Yamaha have really dominated the market with the DTX series of plug-in and play drum kits. Need convincing? Read on…

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The entry level of electronic kits (and a popular christmas choice) is the Yamaha DTX 402 series. All the models in this series come with the DTX 402 module fitted with high-quality, expressive drum and percussion sounds…287 of them to be exact. All of these drum sounds come from Yamaha’s extensive back catalogue of drums with authentic audio samples from their acoustic line of drums. Want to feel like you’re playing a Live Custom? Sure, nae bother. Fancy rolling out an Absolute Hybrid Maple today? Batter in mate! Want to make a combo-platter of various kits? DAE IT. The module has 10 customisable drum kits to offer so you can dial in the kit that you like the best, as well as 128 keyboard sounds and nine reverb types. If you prefer drums to suit your genre, the module has 10 built-in preset kits ranging from Pop, Rock all the way through to Jazz allowing you to sound as authentic as you can.

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Not only that but…this module can TRAIN YOU. Like Obi Wan himself, this module can teach you the ways of the force with 10 unique built-in training exercises along with a record function to improve technique for any skill level. Navigation on the module is very easy with its basic sleek design making it extremely user friendly, however if you’d rather get into the ins and outs Yamaha have created the DTX402 Touch App. The App is free and allows you to access the full sound back catalogue of drum sounds as well as operate the training functions of the module. Not only that, but it gives access to video tutorials for practice exercises AND features a challenge mode to really put your skills to the test. Now I know what you’re thinking…yes I’ve watched Star Wars too many times (fake news, there is no such thing as too many times when it comes to Star Wars) but also, “what about the pads” well…

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The trigger pads on an electronic kit are notoriously where the biggest complaint is as they’re either too bouncy or just don’t feel “realistic”. With the DTX400 series, that simply isn’t the case. Yamaha designed this kit with stability and natural-feel in mind. The drum and cymbal pads are not only quieter, but feel much more accurate to how an acoustic drum feels. The silent rubber highlights any technique issues often hidden by the exaggerated bounce from mesh-head equivalent, which basically means it makes you a better player by training those fundamental strokes accurately. The resigned rack provides such a solid foundation but unlike other kits in this price range it allows great flexibility for placement of the hi-hat and snare pads. On the DTX 402 series, the volume is reduced even further with the inclusion of silent hi hat and bass drum pedals allowing for practice at any time of the day or night. The DTX 400 series of electronic kits by Yamaha is of course just a starting point. Let’s talk upgrades…

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The next kit up from the DTX 402 series would be the DTX 432 kit, if you click one place to the right you’ll see it. The module and pads all remain the same with the exception of the bass drum. The DTX 432 features the KP65 bass drum tower and also comes complete with a bass drum pedal to strike it with. Some players prefer the feel of a real bass drum pedal in order to train their foot with accurate friction created with a chain bass drum pedal. It also comes with an upgraded hi hat pedal to add more authenticity to the feel. The next upgrade from the DTX 432 is the DTX 452, which not only comes with the bass drum tower and improved hi hat pedal but it also includes an upgraded snare trigger pad. This time, instead of it being a “single zone” (which means only one sound comes from striking the pad) it’s equipped with a three-zone snare pad to allow for head, rim and cross-stick sounds common when performing in musical situations. If you’re still not satisfied, the biggest upgrade you can get is the DTX 482. This kit is based on the previous DTX452 model but with even further improvements. It comes fitted with a professional XP80 Snare Pad equipped with Yamaha’s textured cellular silicone playing surface. To give you an idea of just how tough this silicone is, it’s the same silicone used on Japanese bullet trains. The pad is also three-zones allowing for head, rim and cross-stick shots. It gets better, the DTX 482 also comes with a 3rd cymbal pad to expand the possibilities of this kit!

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As I said, electronic kits have come a LONG way from those cheap plastic pads your mum and dad bought from Woolworths, and Yamaha are really leading the charge for us. The DTX 402 series of kits are INSANE bits of kit for the money, with models to fit virtually any budget (and floor space). You really can go as basic or crazy as you want with these guys. We have some set up in store so if you really think this could be the kit for you but you’re on the fence, come down and try them for yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised…

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